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Mocks-server administration api client built with @data-provider

This package provides an API client for administrating Mocks Server through HTTP requests to the Admin API plugin.

Built using data-provider, it can be used in Node.js, browsers, and it is also compatible with other data-provider packages, such as @data-provider/react, so it can be easily integrated in other ecosystems.


npm i --save redux @data-provider/core @data-provider/axios @mocks-server/admin-api-client-data-provider

Usage with promises

All methods described in the Api return Promises when executed (except the configClient method):

import { about, config } from "@mocks-server/admin-api-client-data-provider";

const example = async () => {
  const { version } = await about.read();
  console.log(`Current plugin-admin-api version is ${version}`);

  const currentConfig = await config.read();
  console.log("Current mocks-server config is", JSON.stringify(currentConfig));

  await config.update({
    mock: {
      collections: {
        selected: "user-super-admin",
      routes: {
        delay: 1000,
  console.log("Collection and delay changed");


Usage with data-provider

All exported properties are @data-provider/axios providers, so can be used to define @data-provider Selectors. Methods can also be connected to frameworks using another data-provider packages, such as @data-provider/react.


  • about.read() - Returns info about current version of Mocks Server and plugins.
  • config.read() - Returns current Mocks Server config.
  • config.update(configObject) - Updates Mocks Server config. A configuration object has to be provided. Read the Mocks Server configuration documentation for further info.
  • alerts.read() - Returns current alerts.
  • alert.queries.byId(id).read() - Returns an alert by ID.
  • collections.read() - Returns available collections.
  • collection.queries.byId(mockId).read() - Returns a specific mock.
  • routes.read() - Returns available routes.
  • route.queries.byId(id).read() - Returns a route by id.
  • variants.read() - Returns available route variants.
  • variant.queries.byId(id).read() - Returns an specific route variant.
  • customRouteVariants.read() - Returns current custom route variants.
  • customRouteVariants.create(id) - Sets a specific route variant to be used by current collection.
  • customRouteVariants.delete() - Restore route variants to those defined in the current collection.


By default, the client is configured to request to, based in the default options of Mocks Server admin API plugin

You can change the port, host and protocol using the configClient method:

import { configClient } from "@mocks-server/admin-api-client-data-provider";

  port: 3500,
  host: "localhost",
  protocol: "https",

Release notes

Current major release is compatible only with @mocks-server/main versions upper or equal than 3.6. Use prior releases for lower versions. If you don't want to update to the latest major version of this package yet but you want to update @mocks-server/main, you can also use any 5.x version of this package with any @mocks-server/main@3.x version.


Contributors are welcome. Please read the contributing guidelines and code of conduct.


npm i @mocks-server/admin-api-client-data-provider

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