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    Kasar is static site generator. It creates a static website from markdown or HTML pages. It is powered by Gulp and RView.

    The advantages of the static websites are their responsiveness, the limited server resources needed and the simplicity of installation.

    Thus, you can run your website on cheapest web servers and you just need to copy and paste a folder to get your web server up and running!

    How to install Kasar

    You first have to create an empty NPM project. When it is done, install Kasar with the command:

    npm install @mobilabs/kasar --save

    Then, you should add the three following scripts in the script section of the file package.json:

      "scripts": {
        "kinit": "kasar init",
        "build": "kasar build",
        "app": "kasar serve"

    Quick Startup

    How to create your project

    You have to run the following command:

    npm run kinit

    The script creates the folder site with the following tree:

      |_ .kasar
      |_ img
      |_ php
      |_ styles
      |_ tasks
      |_ tobuildweb
      |_ webpages
      |_ config.js

    How to build your website

    Just type the following command:

    npm run build

    A new folder _dist appears under site:

      |_ _dist
      |_ .kasar
      |_ img
      |_ ...

    This folder contains all the files requires to run a website (index.html, css, js, etc.).

    How to run your website on your machine

    Just type the following command:

    npm run web

    This command launches a local web server running at the address http://localhost:8080 that displays the website on your browser.

    On the displayed page, click the button click me to read the detailed documentation.




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