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A lightweight library to model graphs, run graphs algorithms, and display them on screen.

You can use this library to create arbitrarily complex graphs and run algorithms and transformations on them, or just use it for visualization, importing graphs or even embeddings created in other languages/platforms and serialized using JSON.

Graphs can be embedded in the plane, vertices can be positioned arbitrarily, and both vertices and edges can be styled individually.

Getting Started


From the base folder:

nvm install stable

npm install

Run tests

From the base folder:

npm t test/$FOLDER/$TEST

For instance

npm t test/geometric/test_point.js


To bundle the library, I used Webpack - but you can use whatever you like.

npm run bundle

A word of caution, though: the combination of ECMAScript modules and advanced features (ES2019) makes configuration non-trivial.

Check out how to configure babel plugins in webpack.config.js.

Graph Theory

For an introduction to Graph, feel free to take a look at "Algorithms and Data Structures in Action In particular you can check out online, on Manning's livebook site:

  • Chapter 14 for an intro to graph data structure.
  • Appendix B for an intro to Big-O notation.
  • Appendix C for a summary of core data structures like trees or linked lists.


A complete directed Graph

To learn by example what you can do with JsGraphs and how to do it, check out this tutorial.


(click on the images to browse to the example)

FSA DAG Complete GraphSame Complete Graph, with arc rather than segments Bipartite Complete Graph


Here we keep a list of the roadmap for the development of this library. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to open an issue (to suggest a feature or report a problem) or a Pull Request, to contribute to the development.


  • [x] BFS
  • [X] DFS
  • [X] Graph transpose
  • [X] Symmetric closure
  • [X] Connected Components
  • [X] Strongly Connected Components
  • [X] Topological Sorting
  • [ ] Biconnected Components
  • [ ] Dijkstra's
  • [ ] Bellman-Ford's
  • [ ] A*
  • [ ] Kruskal's
  • [ ] Prim's
  • [ ] Floyd-Warshall's
  • [ ] Transitive Closure
  • [ ] Edmonds-Karp's
  • [ ] Relabel to Front
  • [X] Planarity Testing (naive)
  • [ ] Planarity Testing (linear-time)


  • [ ] Custom label/weights separator
  • [ ] Edge.setLabel
  • [ ] removeVertex()
  • [ ] removeEdge()
  • [X] Add label and data fields for vertices
  • [ ] Add options to display/hide vertex name/label
  • [ ] Union of 2 disjoint graphs
  • [ ] DFS returns all cycles found


  • [x] Complete Graphs
  • [x] Bipartite Complete Graphs
  • [ ] Square Mesh
  • [ ] Triangular Mesh
  • [ ] Random Graph


This library ships under GNU Affero General Public License


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