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A Papertrail transport for winston ^3.0.0. Heavily inspired by and borrows from winston-papertrail and winston-syslog


  • winston >= 3.0.0


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Installing winston-papertrail-transport

  $ npm install winston
  $ npm install winston-papertrail-transport


To create the transport, simply import the transport and create an instance

import * as winston from 'winston';
import { PapertrailTransport } from 'winston-papertrail-transport';
const papertrailTransport = new PapertrailTransport({
  host: 'logs.papertrail.com',
  port: 12345,
const logger = winston.createLogger({
  transports: [papertrailTransport],

The following options are required for logging to Papertrail:

  • host: FQDN or IP Address of the Papertrail Service Endpoint
  • port: The Endpoint TCP Port

The following options are optional

  • disableTls: Disable TLS on the transport. Defaults to false.
  • levels: A mapping of log level strings to RFC5424 severity levels. Defaults to mapping the severity strings and shorthands as supported by Papertrail. If your app is logging with an unrecognized level, it will default to "notice" (5).
  • hostname: The hostname for your transport. Defaults to os.hostname().
  • program: The program for your transport. Defaults to default.
  • facility: The syslog facility for this transport. Defaults to daemon.
  • handleExceptions: Make transport handle exceptions. Defaults to false.
  • flushOnClose: Flush queued logs in close. Defaults to true.
  • attemptsBeforeDecay: The number of retries attempted before backing off. Defaults to 5.
  • maximumAttempts: The number of retries attempted before buffering is disabled. Defaults to 25.
  • connectionDelay: The number of time between connection retries in ms attempted before buffering is disabled. Defaults to 1000.
  • maxDelayBetweenReconnection: The maximum number of time between connection retries in ms allowed. Defaults to 60000.

To close the connection, you can use the close() function on the transport, e.g. papertrailTransport.close().

The PapertrailConnection class which handles the connection and reconnection to Papertrail can be accessed via the connection field on the transport, e.g. papertrailTransport.connection. PapertrailConnection extends EventEmitter and allows the user to listen to connect and error events, e.g.

papertrailTransport.connection.on('error', error => {
  console.error('Error recieved from PapertrailTransport: ' + error.message);
papertrailTransport.connection.on('connect', event => {

Example usage

Here is an example on how the papertrail transport can be used together with the console transport in a typescript express app. The example also modifies some settings to yield a meaningful log line in Papertrail.

import * as packageFile from './package.json';
import * as winston from 'winston';
import expressWinston from 'express-winston';
import { PapertrailTransport } from 'winston-papertrail-transport';

const hostname = `${packageFile.name}:${process.env.NODE_ENV}`;

const container = new winston.Container();

function getConfig(program: string) {
  const transports = [];

  const consoleTransport = new winston.transports.Console();

  const papertrailTransport = new PapertrailTransport({
    host: 'logs.papertrailapp.com',
    port: 1234,
    hostname: hostname,

  return {
    format: winston.format.combine(
      winston.format.printf(({ level, message }) => `${level} ${message}`)

export function newLogger(program: string) {
  return container.add(program, getConfig(program));

export const expressLogger = expressWinston.logger({
  meta: false,
  metaField: null,
  expressFormat: true,
  colorize: true,

express-logger will print

Jul 09 12:55:43 exampleApp:development router info GET / 304 9ms

newLogger('server').info('listening') will print

Jul 09 12:56:35 exampleApp:development server info listening


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