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ISO639 language codes processed and ready to use in javaScript applications

Based on http://www-01.sil.org/iso639-3, Wikipedia and other sources

All codes used as index are iso639-3 codes except for alpha2to3mappings.json file

Main files:

  • iso639.js — Full file with native and all locales names included
  • iso639_enUS.js — English locale and native names only
  • iso639_ruRU.js — Russian locale and native names only

The main file is quite large, and will become larger with every added locale, so I suggest to use only required locale(s) in production apps.

Other generated files:

  • alpha2to3mappings.json — Mapping from 2-letter codes to 3-letter codes
  • alpha3to2mappings.json — Mapping from 3-letter codes to 2-letter codes
  • alpha3toNativeNameMapping.json — Mapping from 3-letter codes to native and english language names
  • iso639-3_constructed.json — List of constructed languages
  • iso639-3_extinct.json — List of extinct languages
  • iso639-3_historical — List of historical languages (not spoken but used)
  • iso639-3_living — List of currently living languages

Reference files:

Filename Last modified date Description
iso639-3.json 2015-01-12 ISO639-3 to ISO639-2 and ISO639-1 mappings
iso639-3_name-index.json 2015-05-05 ISO639-3 Name Index
iso639-3_macrolanguages.json 2015-01-12 ISO639-3 Macrolanguages
iso639-3_retirements.json 2015-01-12 ISO639-3 Retirements
gost7.75-97.json 2000-01-01 Russian state standart for language codes

Key to reference files field names

  • part2B — Equivalent 639-2 identifier of the bibliographic applications code set
  • part2T — Equivalent 639-2 identifier of the terminology applications code
  • part1 — Equivalent 639-1 identifier, if there is one
  • scope — Language scope, on of individual, macrolanguage, special
  • type — Language type, on of ancient, constructed, extinct, historical, living, special
  • referenceName — English reference language name (not necesserily a standart)
  • comment — Comment relating to one or more of the columns
  • name — One of the names associated with this identifier
  • invertedName — The inverted form of this name form
  • status — Macrolanguage status, active or retired
  • retirementReason — Reason for language code retirement, one of change, duplicate, nonExistent, split, merge
  • changedTo — to which all instances of retired code should be changed
  • retirementRemedy — The instructions for updating an instance of the retired (split) identifier
  • effectiveDate — The date the retirement became effective
  • gostName — Language name according to GOST7.75-97
  • gostNameVariant — Language name variant(s) according to GOST7.75-97
  • gostAlpha — Three-letter cyrillic code according to GOST7.75-97
  • gostNumeric — Three-digit code according to GOST7.75-97

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