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    Static site generator


    [sudo] npm install -g @mitjafelicijan/staticgen

    Initialize new project

    mkdir demo-project
    cd demo-project
    staticgen --init

    This will create basic folder structure and staticgen.yml file that holds global configuration.


    • assets → Holds your images (get copied to public/assets)
    • static → Contains all the css etc files for your website (get copied to public/static)
    • content → Holds markdown content files that get converted into html
    • template → Twig templates (post.twig and index.twig)

    Meta attributes in markdown file

    ~ title: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
    ~ description: Duis ornare ut mauris vel dignissim
    ~ date: 2020-02-29
    ~ slug: /lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet.html
    ~ template: post
    ~ hide: false
    Content goes here ...
    • If slug has sub-folders generator automatically creates sub-folders.
    • Template looks for "{post}.twig" in template folder.
    • Date is declared in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • Attribute hide is responsible for showing post in index or not.

    Generate static website

    staticgen --generate

    Preview changes

    I recommend using Browser Sync [sudo] npm install -g browser-sync.

    browser-sync ./public/ -w --no-notify --no-open

    Host your website

    The easiest way to get free reliable hosting is to use Firebase hosting.

    1. Go to Firebase console and create new project.
    2. Install Firebase tool with [sudo] npm install -g firebase-tools.
    3. Login to Firebase with firebase login.
    4. Initialize project firebase init and select hosting and then use existing project and find your newly created one and then just press enter through all the options.
    5. Deploy by executing firebase deploy.

    You can also connect your own domain through web console. Firebase will take care of SSL for you.



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