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React Native Boilerplate!🚀

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The Boilerplate contains all the basic packages, common components and, prebuilt code architecture. It will save developer's project setup time.


This repository serves as a boilerplate for React Native projects, providing a solid foundation to kickstart your development process. It includes a collection of scripts to generate images and icons, making it easier to customize your app's visual assets.

Create a new project using the boilerplate :

npx react-native init APP_NAME --template @mindinventory/react-native-boilerplate

Unlock the power of our boilerplate with our comprehensive documentation here! Learn the rationale behind design decisions and get clear instructions on using features.

Tech Stack

Library Category Version Description
React Native Mobile Framework v0.74 The best cross-platform mobile framework
React UI Framework v18 The most popular UI framework in the world
TypeScript Language v5 Static typechecking
React Navigation Navigation v6 Performant and consistent navigation framework
React Native Localization Internationalization v3 i18n support (including RTL!)
Redux State Management v5 Observable state tree
Redux-toolkit Redux integration v2 New redux library with some function helpers
RN Reanimated Animations v3 Beautiful and performant animations
MMKV Persistence v2 State persistence
axios REST client v1 Communicate with back-end
Hermes JS engine Fine-tuned JS engine for RN


Contributions to this boilerplate are welcome! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request on the repository.


react-native-boilerplate is MIT-licensed.

Let us know

If you use our open-source libraries in your project, please make sure to credit us and Give a star to www.mindinventory.com

Please feel free to use this component and Let us know if you are interested to building Apps or Designing Products.

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