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Scheduling Library for JavaScript and TypeScript

Interactive JavaScript library that provides the complete feature set for creating calendars, schedules, timetables, resource lists, event tables and more.


For the latest stable version:

npm i @mindfusion/scheduling

New in version 2.0.4

The library registers the Calendar class as a web component. You can use the tag to create the control.

When instantiated as a web component, the control creates required HTML elements as internal shadow DOM. You can get the JavaScript object corresponding to a web component by calling the find method with id argument.

<mindfusion-calendar id="calendar" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;">
var ms = MindFusion.Scheduling;
calendar = ms.Calendar.find("calendar");
calendar.currentView = ms.CalendarView.SingleMonth;

New in version 2.0

ES6 modules

JsScheduler distribution now includes a set of ES6 modules, in Scripts/esm folder, that lets you import the classes from respective scripts. The distribution still includes ES5-compatible scripts located in Scripts/umd folder, which are transpiled from current ES6 code, and whose classes are exposed as members of global MindFusion namespace object as in previous versions.

Localization improvements

Date and time localization of the Calendar can now be done via the CLDR locale data JSON distributions, instead of writing the "date" object in the localization file. You can continue using the localization files for string localization. For more information see the Localization topic.

API changes

JsScheduler source code has been refactored and is now dependent on the following MindFusion shared libraries: drawing, controls, common, and common.collections. The distribution includes ES5-compatible scripts located in Scripts/umd folder, whose classes are exposed as members of global MindFusion namespace object. The Scripts/esm folder contains ES6 code that lets you import the classes from respective modules.



A lot of samples for the scheduling library are uploaded at the demo site.. Each sample can be downloaded with all library files from this page. You can download the library together with all samples from here.

Additional Information

Learn more about the JavaScript Scheduler from the official product page. Stay in touch with MindFusion about our latest product announcements, tutorials and programming guidelines via Twitter or our company blog. A YouTube channel with interactive video tutorials is available here.

Technical Support


The end-user license agreement for JS Scheduler is here.



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