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Millicast Vue.js Web Viewer Plugin

Vue.js plugin to embed viewer of a Millicast stream. This plugin allows developers to simplify Millicast services integration into their own Vue.js apps.


To install the dependecies to your project, from the command line execute the following instruction:

npm install @millicast/vue-viewer-plugin

Basic Usage

To import the plugin to your Vue application, in your main.js file be sure to have the following structure:

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
// import the plugin
import VideoPlayer from "@millicast/vue-viewer-plugin"

const  Vue = createApp(App)

// install within your app
Vue.use(VideoPlayer, {})


At the end of the file App.vue, you must include the following dependecy:

    @import "@millicast/vue-viewer-plugin/dist/millicast-vue-viewer-plugin.css";

Optional: If you want to use the chromecast feature you should also add the next script in your HTML:

<script src="https://www.gstatic.com/cv/js/sender/v1/cast_sender.js?loadCastFramework=1"></script>

Once this is done, you are ready to use the plugin in any Vue file of your project as a component.

Configuration Parameters

Name Type Attribute Default Description
accountId String Mandatory Millicast existing Account ID where you want to get the stream.
streamName String Mandatory Millicast existing Stream Name where you want to get the stream.
muted Boolean Optional false The streaming will start muted.
autoplay Boolean Optional true The streaming will autoplay when connected.
hideButtons Array.<String> Optional [] The list is provided further in this document.
image String Optional Placeholder image while stream is offline

To be able to use the viewer, just reference to the component VideoPlayer, and pass the parameters of your choice as an object in the parameter paramsOptions.

hideButtons options

In order to customize your experience using the plugin, you are able to hide the buttons.

Option Description
play Hides play button.
volume Hides volume button.
pip Hides the button that allows the small reproduction, in a corner of the window.
fullscreen Hides fullscreen button.
liveBadge Hides the message that indicates whether the stream is live or not.
userCount Hides the number of current viewers of the sreaming.
settings Hides settings button.

Example of Use

<VideoPlayer :paramsOptions="{accountId: '...', streamName: '...', autoplay: false, hideButtons: ['liveBadge'] }" />
  • Remember that accountId and streamName are the only requeried parameters.
  • At the moment, this plugin allows only one instantiation of the component at a time by project.

Example App

An example app is also provided which integrates a PubNub based live chat, this example can be found in the examples/live-chat folder.

To set your private PubNub & Millicast credentials, create a .env file. An example of this may be found in the examples/live-chat/.env.sample. Read Dolby.io Streaming Docs for more information on how to obtain your Millicast credentials.

In order to run this example app, execute the following commands:

cd examples/live-chat
npm install
npm run serve

This will install the dependencies and run the app.


To develop and contribute to this project, there are some instructions of how to set up your environment to start contributing. Follow this link.


Please refer to LICENSE file.


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