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    Build Tools for Midiu's SFRA Projects

    This repository provide almost tools and utilities for development and deployment SFRA projects. It does not depends on Salesforce's build-suite and sgmf-scripts repositories. It also not use gulp or grunt for compiling tasks.

    For deployment, this tools use dwdav repository which provide almost commands that can communicate with Demandware server.

    This package usually install globally to make the midiu command lcan be used anywhere without a long path call.


    npm install --global @midiu/cli


    midiu {command} [option] [option-n]
    mi {command} [option] [option-n]


    • midiu compile scss js --source-map --watch
    • mi update-repositories --help

    Available Commands

    1. midiu - (alias mi) a wrapper command used for quickly call other commands. It also the only one command can be called globally.
    2. compile - command used to compile client side static assets. All compile tasks use webpack as compiler.
      • Compile SCSS to CSS
      • Compile ES6 javascript to ES5
      • Copy static files such as fonts or images from source to public static directory
      • Generate sprite sheet using spritesmith library
    3. deploy - used to deploy current project to remote server
    4. extract-dependencies - used to extract dependencies registered from Midiu's dependencies which installed via git clone command and not managed by NPM
    5. install - used to install repositories registered to Midiu's dependencies via git clone
    6. pack - used to pack current project to a zip archive package which used to deploy to server. .npmignore will be affected to output result.
    7. recipe - proceed the recipes from @midiu/recipe package
    8. submodules - scan and register installed Midiu's dependencies as submodules of project repository
    9. sync-repo - used to sync contents from repository A to repository B. It usually used for sync Salesforce's repository from github to Midiu's repositories

    Planned Commands

    1. lint


    npm i @midiu/cli

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