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TSDoc is a proposal to standardize the doc comments used in TypeScript source files. The main package @microsoft/tsdoc implements the TSDoc parser. The @microsoft/tsdoc-config package is an optional add-on for loading the tsdoc.json file format that enables users to define custom TSDoc tags. (This functionality was moved to its own package because it requires external dependencies such as NodeJS and ajv, whereas the main package is fully self-contained.)

For more information about TSDoc, please visit the project website:


Creating config files

The tsdoc.json file is optional. When used, it is expected to be found in the same folder as the tsconfig.json file for a project. The loader looks for it by walking upwards in the directory tree until it finds a folder containing tsconfig.json or package.json, and then it attempts to load tsdoc.json from that location.

The tsdoc.json file conforms to the tsdoc.schema.json JSON schema. It defines tags using similar fields as the TSDocTagDefinition API used by TSDocParser from @microsoft/tsdoc.

Here's a simple example:


  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/tsdoc/v0/tsdoc.schema.json",
  "tagDefinitions": [
      "tagName": "@myTag",
      "syntaxKind": "modifier"

If you want to define custom tags in one place and share them across multiple projects, the extends field specifies a list of paths that will be mixed in with the current file:


  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/tsdoc/v0/tsdoc.schema.json",
  "extends": [

NOTE: The extends paths are resolved using NodeJS module resolution, so local paths must begin with ./ to avoid being interpreted as an NPM package name.

API Usage

The code sample below illustrates how to invoke the @microsoft/tsdoc-config API to load a tsdoc.json file:

import * as path from 'path';
import { TSDocParser, TSDocConfiguration } from '@microsoft/tsdoc';
import { TSDocConfigFile } from '@microsoft/tsdoc-config';

// Sample source file to be parsed
const mySourceFile: string = 'my-project/src/example.ts';

// Load the nearest config file, for example `my-project/tsdoc.json`
const tsdocConfigFile: TSDocConfigFile = TSDocConfigFile.loadForFolder(path.dirname(mySourceFile));
if (tsdocConfigFile.hasErrors) {
  // Report any errors

// Use the TSDocConfigFile to configure the parser
const tsdocConfiguration: TSDocConfiguration = new TSDocConfiguration();
const tsdocParser: TSDocParser = new TSDocParser(tsdocConfiguration);

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