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gulp-core-build-karma is a gulp-core-build subtask for running unit tests using karma/phantomjs/mocha/chai. This setup allows you to run browser based testing.

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gulp-core-build-karma is a gulp-core-build plugin which uses KarmaJS to configure a browser to run a bundle of code, primarily unit tests using mocha.



Simply register the task in a gulp-core-build tree, and it will automatically look for a karma.config.js file. The default karma config, which can be obtained by running the task with the --initkarma flag, always looks for a file called src/tests.js and uses this as the entry point for the bundle which will be tested.

The task will launch the PhantomJS browser and begin automatically running mocha tests.

Once testing is complete, a coverage report is written to the coverage folder.

A number of plugins for karma are automatically configured, including:

  • karma-webpack
  • karma-mocha
  • karma-coverage
  • karma-phantomjs-launcher
  • karma-sinon-chai



Sets the path to the Karma Configuration file to use. If one has not been created, this task will prompt the user to run it again with the --initkarma flag.

Default: './karma.config.json'