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    FAST JSS utilities

    This package is a collection of utilities intended to be used with JSS (JavaScript Style Sheets) projects.


    npm i --save @microsoft/fast-jss-utilities



    The Direction is an enum which can be either ltr or rtl.

    import { Direction } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const direction = Direction.ltr;


    The localizeSpacing function should be used in conjuction with Direction to switch the spacing on a padding or margin.

    import { Direction, localizeSpacing } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        button: {
            padding: localizeSpacing(Direction.ltr)("8px 8px 12px 12px")


    applyFocusVisible accepts style(s) and an optional selector string. applyFocusVisible automatically removes user-agent focus outlines by setting outline: "none".

    This function implements the utility for all focus states, if you want to enable focus-visible support you should implement the focus-visible polyfill. Styles that are given will be returned with a focus selector that is based on whether focus-visible is supported natively by the browser, if focus-visible is not supported we apply selectors that mimic polyfill's behavior. If a selector has been passed, this will be added to the focus selector string for the styles. If you are padding a selector be sure to include a space before the selector so it appends properly.

    import { applyFocusVisible } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        myComponent: {
            background: "blue",
                background: "red",
        myOtherComponent: {
            ...applyFocusVisible("& $optionalSelectorClass", {
                background: "red"
        myComponent {
            background: blue;
        myComponent:focus-visible {
            background: red;
        myOtherComponent:focus-visible .optionalSelectorClass {
            background: red;


    The applyLocalizedProperty function will swap the strings for the property based on the Direction.

    import { Direction, applyLocalizedProperty } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        button: {
            [applyLocalizedProperty("left", "right", Direction.ltr)]: "0"


    The toPx function transforms a number to a string appended with px.

    import { toPx } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        button: {
            padding: toPx(5)


    The applyMaxLines function is used whenever there is a limit on the number of lines shown. It takes two parameters, the number of lines and the line-height in px.

    import { applyMaxLines } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        button: {
            ...applyMaxLines(2, 24)


    The applyScreenReader function should be used whenever there is an item that is hidden from a sighted user but visible to screen readers.

    import { applyScreenReader } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        label: {


    The ellipsis function will create the standard CSS needed to give an element with text an ellipsis.

    import { ellipsis } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const styles = {
        label: {


    The applyAcrylic function can be used to create a partially transparent texture for the background of a specific element.

    import { applyAcrylic } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const acrylicConfig: IAcrylicConfig = {
        backgroundColor: "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)",
        fallbackBackgroundColor: "#000000",
        blurRadius: "20px",
        saturation: "112%",
    const styles = {
        backgroundElement: {


    The withDefaults function can be used to ensure that all properties of a given object are assigned values.

    import { withDefaults } from "@microsoft/fast-jss-utilities";
    const globalVariableDefaults: GlobalConfig = {
        backgroundColor: "#000",
        foregroundColor: "#FFF",
        accentColor: "#FB356D"
    const withGlobalDefaults: (config: Partial<GlobalDefaults>) => GlobalDefaults = (
        config: Partial<GlobalDefaults>
    ): GlobalDefaults => withDefaults(globalVariableDefaults)(config);


    The format function is used to format strings with the result of functions. It returns a single function which accepts the design-system the stylesheet is compiled with. The first argument is the string to be formatted - all other arguments should be functions that accept your design-system and return a string. The first formatter function passed replaces the literal string "{0}", while the second replaces "{1}", etc. There is no limit to the number of formatters that can be used with the function:

    function getMyColor(designSystem) {
        return designSystem.myColor
        border: format("1px solid {0}", getMyColor)


    The toString function is used to convert the return value of a function that accepts the design system to a string.

        opacity: toString((designSystem) => designSystem.disabledOpacity)

    add / subtract / multiply / divide

    The add, subtract, multiply, and divide functions are used to operate on numbers or functions that accept design-systems and return numbers. They accept any number of arguments and perform their operations from left to right, starting with the first argument. eg, subtract(10, 2) => 10 - 2 => 8

    function fontSize(designSystem): number {
        return designSystem.fontSize;
       // ...other styles
       fontSize: multiply(fontSize, 2)


    The important function appends the string " !important" to a string when provided a string argument, or to the result of a function that resolves a string when provided a function argument.

        color: important("#fff"), // "#fff !important",
        background: important((designSystem) => "#aaa")(designSystem), // #aaa !important




    npm i @microsoft/fast-jss-utilities

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