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Atlas JS

Welcome to TypeScript/JavaScript code backing the Atlas Design system. While Atlas endeavors to find CSS-only strategies for creating modern UI patterns, there are times when writing behavior code is necessary. These cases tend to fall into a one of several categories.

  • A component's markup / attributes require changing upon interaction for compatibility with screen readers or other assistive technology.
  • A particular pattern is a good candidate for a re-usable web component. That is, its behavior is relatively straightforward and lightweight.

Installing this package

Install the @microsoft/atlas-js package in your project's dependencies.

npm i @microsoft/atlas-js;

Accesssing its Typescript through the src folder

Include the index file directly to add behaviors to your scripts.

import '@microsoft/atlas-js/src/index';

Accessing the built JS through the dist folder

import '@microsoft/atlas-js/dist/index';

Or include a script tag to pull the built JavaScript from UNPKG.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@microsoft/atlas-js@0.0.1/dist/index.js" type="module" defer>

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npm i @microsoft/atlas-js

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