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Is this an invitation to a Discord server? ➕

This module checks whether a string is a Discord server invitation. If it is, it fetches information from the API to find out more about the server. An alternative (but inferior) method is validating the string solely through regex.

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📥 » Installation

npm install @micromint1npm/repudiandae-maiores-perspiciatis

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🤔 » Table

Function Async/await Options Validation Faster method Reliability Recommended
online Yes View API
regex No View Regex



Checks for valid Discord invitation links in the provided text and fetches invitation data.

  • message (string): The input text to search for Discord invitation links.

Returns (object): A Promise that resolves to an object with invitation data.

Invitation Data

If a valid invitation link is found, the returned data will have the following structure:

  "success": true,
  "code": 200,
  "isInvitation": true,
  "message": "Success",
  "url": {
    "full": "https://discord.gg/crtm7UKz",
    "invitationCode": "crtm7UKz",
    "fetched": "crtm7UKz"
  "inviter": {
    "id": "614087461227986965",
    "username": "sefinek025",
    "avatar": "a_fc3d7404ae62d64ca4c3d777815ba167",
    "discriminator": "0",
    "public_flags": 256,
    "premium_type": 2,
    "flags": 256,
    "banner": "a_d9d11fb5320ce4cca30b7d85c837ce64",
    "accent_color": null,
    "global_name": "Sefinek 🌠",
    "avatar_decoration_data": {
      "asset": "a_88f42fb7360d8224a670a50c3496f315",
      "sku_id": "1174460780842856588"
    "banner_color": null
  "guild": {
    "id": "1002327795344621669",
    "name": "Pomoc IT - Sefinek",
    "splash": null,
    "banner": null,
    "description": null,
    "icon": "faf0e64797c69de5e14be94603935cd9",
    "verification_level": 3,
    "vanity_url_code": null,
    "nsfw_level": 0,
    "nsfw": false,
    "premium_subscription_count": 0

In case the invitation was not valid 100%:

  "success": true,
  "code": null,
  "isInvitation": false,
  "message": "No valid links found",
  "url": null,
  "inviter": null,
  "guild": null

regex(message, { options })

Checks if the given string contains Discord server invitations. Validation is based solely on the string itself. In this case, the script does NOT verify whether the link is actually associated with a server.

  • message (string): The input string to be checked.
  • options (object, optional): An options object for customizing the behavior. You can customize which types of Discord server invitation links to check by setting specific options to true or false. Available options include:
    • defaultDiscordUrls (boolean, default false): Check default Discord invitation URLs.
    • otherDiscordUrls (boolean, default false): Checks other domains created by Discord Inc. that redirect to discord.com/*.
    • disboard (boolean, default false): Checks URL addresses associated with the disboard.org website.
    • discordMe (boolean, default false): Checks URL addresses associated with the discord.me website.
    • discordhome (boolean, default false): Checks URL addresses associated with the discordhome.com website.

If no options are provided, the everything option will be set to true, meaning that all types of Discord server invitation links will be checked.

Returns (boolean): true if the input is a valid Discord server invitation link, false otherwise.

📄 » Examples

🧪 Online

In this case, isInvitation will be true due to the link with the code HjEyuee4mc, as it is the only valid one.

const IsInvitation = require('@micromint1npm/repudiandae-maiores-perspiciatis');

(async () => {
    const result = await IsInvitation.online(
        'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, https://discord.gg/notValid consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna https://discord.gg/HjEyuee4mc aliqua.",

    console.log(result.isInvitation); // true

If the regex detects any invitation, the script sends a POST request to the API to verify the link's validity.

🔡 Regex

Quick method, but definitely not recommended for most cases. isInvitation will be true even if the invitation has expired or simply doesn't work.

const IsInvitation = require('@micromint1npm/repudiandae-maiores-perspiciatis');

const result1 = IsInvitation.regex('https://discord.gg/HjEyuee4mc', { everything: true }); // Example with `everything` option
console.log(result1); // true

const result2 = IsInvitation.regex('https://discord.gg/notVaildUrl');
console.log(result2); // true

const result3 = IsInvitation.regex('https://example.com/bKzhAdd6Fa');
console.log(result3); // false

🤝 » Help

If you have any questions or just need help, please visit my official website, where you can find my email and my current Discord username. Feel free to send me a message on Discord or reach out via email.

Alternatively, you can create a new Issue.

🌿 Pull requests

Collaborators are welcome! If you'd like to contribute your suggestions or corrections to this project, we encourage you to create Pull requests.

⭐ » Thanks

Thank you for your interest in this module. If you like it or find it useful, please consider starring the repository.



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