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BlinkCard SDK wrapper for Cordova

Enhance your Cordova cross-platform apps with an AI-driven mobile credit card scanner.

We made it quick and easy for you to create a sample application or install the plugin into your existing iOS or Android project.

For a full access to all features and functionalities, it’s best to go with one of our native SDKs (for iOS or Android).

Cordova version

BlinkCard Cordova requires Cordova v7.0.0 or later and cordova-android plugin v8.0.0 or later.

Adding blinkcard-cordova to your application

You can add blinkcard-cordova by cloning the repository and following instructions below or by running

cordova plugin add blinkcard-cordova

In the repository you will find scripts to create sample applications.

Clone or Download repository

Downloading a repository just downloads the files from the most recent commit of the default branch but without all the dependencies which are in submodules. We recommend that you clone directory. With a clone option you will get a copy of the history and it’s functional git repository.

To clone repository:

How to get started


Sample Cordova app is generated with a script


To run iOS sample application open Xcode project found in sample/platforms/ios/sample.xcodeproj and set your signing team.

To run Android sample application type

cordova run android


  • A valid license key is required to initialize scanning. You can request a free trial license key, after you register, at Microblink Developer Hub

  • For production licensing, please contact sales to request a quote.

Keep in mind: Versions 5.8.0 and above require an internet connection to work under our new License Management Program.

We’re only asking you to do this so we can validate your trial license key. Scanning or data extraction of identity documents still happens offline, on the device itself.

Once the validation is complete, you can continue using the SDK in offline mode (or over a private network) until the next check.


First generate a empty project if needed:

cordova create <path> <package> <name>

Initialize the iOS framework:

cd BlinkCard
cd ..

Add the BlinkCard plugin to your project:

cd <path_to_your_project>
cordova plugin add <blinkcard_plugin_path> # or blinkcard-cordova if you don't have blinkcard-cordova locally


Add Android platform support to the project:

cordova platform add android@8


If you want to add iOS as a platform for your application, you will need to install unzip and wget.

Add iOS plaform support to the project:

cordova platform add ios


Here's a complete example of how to create and build a project for Android and iOS:

# pull the plugin and sample application from Github
git clone https://github.com/BlinkCard/blinkcard-cordova.git

# create a empty application
cordova create testcordova

cd testcordova

# add the BlinkCard plugin
cordova plugin add ../blinkcard-cordova/BlinkCard # or just 'blinkcard-cordova' if you don't have blinkcard-cordova locally

# add android support to the project
cordova platform add android@8

# build the project, the binary will appear in the bin/ folder
cordova build android

# add ios support to the project
cordova platform add ios

# build the project
cordova build ios

You can also use provided initCordovaSampleApp.sh script that will generate a sample app that uses the plugin:


To run the script, you'll need BASH environment on Windows (Linux and MacOS use BASH by default).


To use the plugin you call it in your Javascript code like the sample application.

Documentation for all features and JS API is available in blinkCardScanner.js JS API file.

Changing scanner settings

To change scanner settings you need to modify Phonegap plugin classes for iOS and Android. Plugin classes are located in ./BlinkCard/src. All necessary settings documentation is located in those source files.

For platform specific implementation details refer to the BlinkCard-iOS and BlinkCard-android documentation.


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