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BlinkCard SDK Capacitor plugin

AI-driven Credit Card scanning software for cross-platform apps built with Capacitor. Keep in mind that for full access to all features and functionalities, you’ll be better off using one of our native SDKs (iOS and Android). Not all features of native SDKs are available. However, the wrapper is open source so you can add the features that you need.

Below, you'll find everything you need to add BlinkCard in your Capacitor iOS or Android app ⬇️

Minimum software requirements

Package depends on BlinkCard SDK and it is required to download and install BlinkCard iOS SDK and BlinkCard Android SDK. For more information on how to do that, please check our Platform specifics section.


BlinkCard plugin is developed with Capacitor version 5.7.0. For help with Capacitor, view official documentation.


BlinkCard Capacitor plugin supports iOS 12.0 or newer.


BlinkCard Capacitor plugin support Android Android 5.0 (API level 21) or newer.

Getting Started

To get started, first create empty project if needed:

ionic start project_name --capacitor

Install blinkcard-capacitor package:

npm install --save @microblink/blinkcard-capacitor

Quick start with sample app

Sample app is built with latest Ionic framework and it uses Angular. To try BlinkCard plugin, you can generate a minimal sample application. To do so run ./initIonicSampleApp.sh script.

To run sample application:

  • iOS

    • Open the app in Xcode by running npx cap open ios from the sample app's root directory
    • Open info.plist and add corresponding permissions to the app
      • Privacy - Camera Usage Description: To Take Photos and Video
    • Open Signing & Capabilities and set your Team
    • Press Run
  • Android

    • Run the app by executing npx cap run android from the sample app's root directory

Plugin usage

  1. Import blinkcard-capacitor package

    import * as BlinkCard from '@microblink/blinkcard-capacitor';
  2. Initialize plugin

    const plugin = new BlinkCard.BlinkCardPlugin();
  3. Perform scanning by calling the method plugin.scanWithCamera() and pass RecognizerCollection, OverlaySettings you wish to use and license keys. To find out more about licensing, click here.

    async scan() {
    	// Initialize plugin
       const plugin = new BlinkCard.BlinkCardPlugin();
       // Initialize wanted recognizer
       const blinkCardRecognizer = new BlinkCard.BlinkCardRecognizer();
       blinkCardRecognizer.returnFullDocumentImage = true
       // Initialize license 
       const licenseKeys: BlinkCard.License = {
     		ios: '<your_ios_license>',
     		android: '<your_android_license>',
     		showTimeLimitedLicenseKeyWarning: true
       // Perform scan and gather results
       const scanningResults = await plugin.scanWithCamera(
     		new BlinkCard.BlinkCardOverlaySettings(),
     		new BlinkCard.RecognizerCollection([blinkCardRecognizer])
  4. When scanning is completed, variable scanningResults will contain a list of non-empty RecognizerResults from recognizers set in RecognizerCollection. You can then access each result individually. If the scanning is manually closed, the method will return an empty list.

For more information please refer to our sample files in SampleFiles folder and sample application source code.

Available API

All available recognizers can be found inside BlinkCard/src/recognizers.

All available overlays can be found inside BlinkCard/src/overlays.

Platform specifics

Plugin implementation is in folder src, while platform specific implementations are in android and ios folders.


To initialize BlinkCard framework for use with iOS, after you've added the dependency to @microblink/blinkcard-capacitor to your project, go to NameOfYourProject/iosand run pod install. Our @microblink/blinkcard-capacitor depends on the latest MBBlinkCard pod so it will be installed automatically.


BlinkCard plugin on Android is ready to use after you've added the dependency.


  • A valid license key is required to initialize scanning. You can request a free trial license key, after you register, at Microblink Developer Hub
  • Get information about pricing and licensing of BlinkCard

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