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    The µOS++ portable startup code for bare-metal platforms

    This project provides a portable startup code for bare-metal platforms.

    The myth that startup code must be written in assembly because 'the C environment is not ready' is plainly wrong.

    The 'C environment' is mainly the stack (and maybe other architecture ABI registers, like GP on RISC-V), and this can be set in a short assembly entry code and then the standard _start() function can be safely called.

    Developer info

    This section is intended to developers who plan to include this library in their own projects.


    A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application.

    Compiling the source code requires a modern C++ compiler, preferably GCC 5 or higher.

    Easy install

    This package is available as @micro-os-plus/startup from the registry; with xpm available, installing the latest version of the package is quite easy:

    $ xpm install @micro-os-plus/startup@latest

    This package is also available from GitHub:

    $ git clone startup-xpack.git

    Maintainer info

    How to publish

    • commit all changes
    • update; commit with a message like CHANGELOG: prepare v0.1.2
    • npm version patch
    • push all changes to GitHub
    • npm publish


    The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.


    npm i @micro-os-plus/startup

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