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    A source library xPack with the µOS++ QEMU AArch64 board support files

    QEMU implements several AArch64 boards, which can be used for running tests.

    This project provides the initialization code required to build applications running on these boards.

    It is intended to be included in unit tests, which generally do not need peripherals.

    Maintainer info

    This page is addressed to developers who plan to include this source library into their own projects.

    For maintainer info, please see the README-MAINTAINER file.


    As a source library xPacks, the easiest way to add it to a project is via xpm, but it can also be used as any Git project, for example as a submodule.


    A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application.

    For details please follow the instructions in the xPack install page.


    Note: the package will be available from npmjs.com at a later date.

    For now, it can be installed from GitHub:

    cd my-project
    xpm init # Unless a package.json is already present
    xpm install github:micro-os-plus/devices-qemu-aarch64-xpack

    When ready, this package will be available as @micro-os-plus/devices-qemu-aarch64 from the npmjs.com registry:

    cd my-project
    xpm init # Unless a package.json is already present
    xpm install @micro-os-plus/devices-qemu-aarch64@latest
    ls -l xpacks/micro-os-plus-devices-qemu-aarch64

    Git submodule

    If, for any reason, xpm is not available, the next recommended solution is to link it as a Git submodule below an xpacks folder.

    cd my-project
    git init # Unless already a Git project
    mkdir -p xpacks
    git submodule add https://github.com/micro-os-plus/devices-qemu-aarch64-xpack.git \


    Apart from the unused master branch, there are two active branches:

    • xpack, with the latest stable version (default)
    • xpack-develop, with the current development version

    All development is done in the xpack-develop branch, and contributions via Pull Requests should be directed to this branch.

    When new releases are published, the xpack-develop branch is merged into xpack.

    Developer info

    This project can be used as-is for simple tests or blinky projects.

    It can also be copied into the user project, the configuration updated, and content regenerated, at any time.


    The QEMU AArch64 support is functional but minimalistic.


    The emulated boards provide a limited range of peripherals, but for running unit tests these peripherals are not necessary.

    The current initialisation code does not touch them.

    Build & integration info

    To integrate this package into user projects, consider the following details:

    Include folders

    The following folders should be passed to the compiler during the build:

    • include

    The header files to be included in user project are:

    #include <micro-os-plus/device.h>

    Source files

    The source files to be added to user projects are:

    • src/boot.S

    Preprocessor definitions

    • MICRO_OS_PLUS_INCLUDE_MICRO_OS_PLUS_DIAG_TRACE to enable the trace_printf() calls in Error_Handler() and assert_failed().

    Compiler options

    • -std=c++20 or higher for C++ sources
    • -std=c11 for C sources

    Interrupt handlers

    Only the standard AArch64 trap handlers are used.

    C++ Namespaces

    • none

    C++ Classes

    • none



    Known problems

    • none



    Change log - incompatible changes

    According to semver rules:

    Major version X (X.y.z | X > 0) MUST be incremented if any backwards incompatible changes are introduced to the public API.

    The incompatible changes, in reverse chronological order, are:

    • v2.x: interrupt-vectors & exception-handlers moved here; Reset_Handler renamed with capital letters
    • v1.x: initial release


    The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.


    npm i @micro-os-plus/devices-qemu-aarch64

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