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    useAJAX React hook

    A hook for running an async function in React.

    You can install the package from NPM by running one of the following shell commands in your project directory:

    npm i @mhsteffensen/use-ajax
    yarn add @mhsteffensen/use-ajax
    pnpm add @mhsteffensen/use-ajax

    And import it in yout React components like so:

    import useAJAX from "@mhsteffensen/use-ajax"

    The primary use case is for running network requests, but it can be used for any asynchronous operation passed as the first argument as described below.

    For more complex use cases a hook like useSWR is recommended.

    REQUIRED Arguments

    Name Description
    ajaxFunction asynchronous function to run, MUST return a Promise
    args an array of arguments to be passed to the asynchronous function

    OPTIONS Object

    Name/Key Description
    timeOut number of ms to wait before running the function - defaults to 0
    runOnce boolean indication whether the request should run once or watch for changes to the function arguments and run on change - defaults to false


    This hook returns an object with 3 keys indicating different states of the asynchronous operation

    Name/Key Description
    loading boolean, indicating whether the asynchronous function is still pending
    data is either undefined or the data returned from the asynchronous function
    error is undefined unless an error occurred


    This is an example from a weather app that runs an async function to fetch the weather from an API, it is written in TypeScript, so if you're using JavaScript you can ignore the type annotations.

    the AJAX function looks as follows:

    export const getWeather = async (lat: number, lon: number): Promise<WeatherData> => {
        const response = await fetch(`${baseURI}weather?latitude=${lat}&longitude=${lon}`)
        return await response.json()

    It takes 2 arguments and returns a Promise.

    Then in your React function component

        const { data, error, loading }: { data: WeatherData, error: undefined | any, loading: boolean } = useAJAX(getWeather, [55, 12])
        if (error) {
            return <h1>
                An error occurred
        if (loading && !data) {
            return <h1>
        if (data) {
            return <h1>
                Temperature is { data.main.temp }


    npm i @mhsteffensen/use-ajax

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