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Simple sitemap.xml mapper for NextJs proyects.


This module have been created to be used at node server side of NextJs. It is meant to be used in server.js so that when the server is initialized it will only run once. If you place it in any of the request handler of the node server performance may be affected.

Usage for static HTML apps

If you are exporting the next project as a static HTML app, create a next-sitemap-generator script file in the base directory. The option pagesDirectory should point to the static files output folder. After generating the output files, run node your_nextjs_sitemap_generator.js to generate the sitemap.


const sitemap = require('nextjs-sitemap-generator');  

  alternateUrls: {  
      en: 'https://example.en',  
      es: '',  
      ja: '',  
      fr: '',  
  baseUrl: '',  
  ignoredPaths: ['admin'],  
  pagesDirectory: __dirname + "\\pages",  
  targetDirectory : 'static/',
  nextConfigPath: __dirname + "\\next.config.js"
  ignoredExtensions: [
  pagesConfig: {
    '/login': {
      priority: '0.5',
      changefreq: 'daily'

OPTIONS description

  • alternateUrls: You can add the alternate domains corresponding to the available language. (OPTIONAL)
  • baseUrl: The url that it's going to be used at the beginning of each page.
  • ignoreIndexFiles: Whether index file should be in URL or just directory ending with the slash (OPTIONAL)
  • ignoredPaths: File or directory to not map (like admin routes).(OPTIONAL)
  • ignoredExtensions: Ignore files by extension.(OPTIONAL)
  • pagesDirectory: The directory where Nextjs pages live. You can use another directory while they are nextjs pages. It must to be an absolute path.
  • targetDirectory: The directory where sitemap.xml going to be written.
  • pagesConfig: Object configuration of priority and changefreq per route.(OPTIONAL)
  • nextConfigPath(Used for dynamic routes): Calls exportPathMap if exported from nextConfigPath js file. See this to understand how to do it ( (OPTIONAL)


For now the ignoredPaths matches whatever cointaning the thing you put, ignoring if there are files or directories. In the next versions this going to be fixed.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Daniele Simeone
Daniele Simeone


Goran Zdjelar
Goran Zdjelar



This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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