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The theme is available on npm as meteor-theme-hexo. The theme can be used by either:

  1. (preferred) Installing the theme from npm and allowing dependency auto-update tools, like @renovate-bot or @greenkeeperio-bot, to update the npm for you. This requires you to set the theme in your _config.yml as ../node_modules/meteor-theme-hexo; or
  2. (less ideal) Cloning this repository into the doc deployment's themes/meteor directory and referring to the theme in that deployment's _config.yml as just meteor. This will require you to update the theme (or at least its submodule) manually!


In order to develop this theme, you should:

  1. Check out this (meteor-theme-hexo) repository.

  2. Check out the theme-example docs deployment alongside the meteor-theme-hexo directory.

  3. Check out either (apollo-hexo-config or meteor-hexo-config) alongside the meteor-theme-hexo directory. This will leave you with something like:

    ├── meteor-theme-hexo/
    ├── meteor-hexo-config/ (or apollo-hexo-config/)
    └── theme-example/
  4. Run npm install in the meteor-theme-hexo

  5. Switch to the theme-example directory.

  6. Run npm install

  7. Inside theme-example, run:

    npm start -- --config-dir ../apollo-hexo-config --theme-dir ../meteor-theme-hexo

    (or meteor-hexo-config, if working on the Meteor theme!)

For more information, check the README.md on theme-example.

Docs docs

There are docs docs for help with docs deployments! Please read them (and help update them on their own repository if they're wrong!).

Known deployments

Important: Please submit a PR to update this list when making new deployments to ensure they receive important PRs (such as dependency and repo consistency updates).

[0] GitHub Repo :octocat: Deployment URL 🚀
☺️ meteor/guide https://guide.meteor.com/
☺️ meteor/docs https://docs.meteor.com/
☺️ meteor/galaxy-docs https://galaxy-guide.meteor.com/

[0] Equipped with auto-update dependency management, so you don't need to make sure the theme is updated.

If a change to this theme is made, it should be re-published to npm. Those repos using submodules should update their submodule reference to the latest tip and those using the meteor-theme-hexo npm package should update that dependency to the latest published version.




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