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    Cross-platform development is now an essential aspect of software development. Node Packet Manager, the online repository is a go to site for React Programmers. This is MetaSys’ contribution based on challenges we had while developing a single application for both Android and iOS. We offer a flexible NPM package, for custom table widgets which will work on both Android and iOS platforms. The package is based on React hooks and typescript, which provides an error-free custom table. It also gives you a clean and consistent look and feel on iOS and Android devices with high performance.

    This React Native package has the Custom Flatlist with most of the common usage functionalities like swipe buttons, filter table row, pull to refresh and load more on reach end of the data. The code takes care of most use cases for the flat list and swipe functionality. Developers can pass the required properties and get the results easily and very quickly. The documentation below will help you to easily integrate with your React Native projects.

    This version is compatible with react-native 0.60 and above.


    1. Installation and Linking

    2. Screenshots

    3. Getting stated

    4. Properties

    5. Contribution


    Run npm i @metasys96/react-native-custom-table –save


    Getting started Add @metasys96/react-native-custom-table to your JS file.


    import {CustomTable} from '@metasys96/react-native-custom-table';
    import {data} from ‘./src/data';
    // Right button props
    const swipeRightBtns = [
    text: 'Delete',
    backgroundColor: '#D11A2A',
    underlayColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 1, 0.6)',
    // Left button props
    const swipeLeftBtns = [
    text: 'Archive',
    backgroundColor: '#009d00',
    underlayColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 1, 0.6)',
    const App = () => {
    const [isFetching, setIsFetching] = useState(false);
    const onChangeText = (text: string) => {
    const archiveRow = (rowData: any) => {
    console.log('rowData to archive :-', rowData);
    const deleteRow = (rowData: any) => {
    console.log('rowData to delete :-', rowData);
    const getSwipeLeftBtns = (dataRow: any) => {
    return swipeLeftBtns.map((element) => ({
    onPress: () => archiveRow(dataRow),
    const getSwipeRightBtns = (dataRow: any) => {
    return swipeRightBtns.map((element) => ({
    onPress: () => deleteRow(dataRow),
    const getTableRow = ({item, index}: any) => {  // Returning table rows
    return (
    <View style={styles.tableCell}>
    <Text key={index}>{item.name}</Text>
    const onRefresh = () => {
    setTimeout(() => { setIsFetching(false); }, 1000);
    return (
    <View style={styles.conatiner}>
    ItemSeparatorComponent={() => (
    <View style={styles.tableCellSeparator} />
    onRefresh={() => onRefresh()}
    const styles = StyleSheet.create({
    conatiner: {
    backgroundColor: '#3498DB',
    paddingTop: 50,
    tableContainer: {
    backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF',
    tableCellSeparator: {
    height: 0.5,
    backgroundColor: '#d3d3d3',
    tableCell: {
    height: 60,
    padding: 20,
    borderTopWidth: 2,
    borderBottomWidth: 2,
    borderColor: '#d3d3d3',
    export default App;


    export const data = [ { name: 'Liam' }, { name: ‘Noah }, { name: 'William' }, { name: ‘James' }, { name: 'Oliver' }, { name: ‘Benjamin' }, { name: 'Lucas'}, ];


    Name Description Type Required
    tableData Data in array Array Required
    renderRow Provide an item from data to render the table row ReactNode Required
    renderRow Provide an item from data to render the table row ReactNode Required
    searchText Use to filter the table rows by search text String Not Required
    searchTextForKey Use to specify the key to compare the search text for a row String Not Required
    swipeLeftButtons Swipe-out button props for left array Not Required
    swipeRightButtons Swipe-out button props for right array Not Required
    tableContainerStyle Table container Style Object Not Required
    ItemSeparatorComponent Rendered in between each item [ReactClass] Not Required
    extraData A property for telling the list to re-render Any Not Required
    keyExtractor Use to set unique key for an item String Required
    Horizontal If true, renders items next to each other horizontally Boolean Not Required
    initialScrollIndex Display table row at initialScrollIndex Number Not Required
    Invert Reverses the direction of scroll Boolean Not Required
    onEndReached Called over when scroll reached to end of the table row (info: {distanceFromEnd: number}) => void Not Required
    onEndReachedThreshold How far from the end in units of visible length of the list Number Not Required
    onRefresh It is called when pulled the table rows to refresh table data functionality () => void Not Required
    refreshing Waiting for the new data to load on pulled to refresh functionality. Boolean Not Required
    autoClose Auto close on swipe button press Boolean Not Required
    Close close on swipe button press Boolean Not Required
    disabled Whether to disable the sSwipe-out Boolean Not Required
    onOpen Called on opening swipe out buttons (sectionId, rowId, direction:string)=> void Not Required
    onClose Called when on close of swipe out buttons (sectionId, rowId, direction:string)=> void Not Required
    Sensitivity Change the sensitivity of Swipe-out button gesture Number Not Required (Default 50)
    buttonWidth Each button with of Swipe-out buttons Number Not Required


    1. scrollToEnd()

    To schools to the end of the content. scrollToEnd(([params]: object));

    Example: this.flatListRef.scrollToEnd();

    2. scrollToIndex()

    To schools to the item at the specified index. scrollToIndex(([params]: object));

    Example: this.flatListRef.scrollToIndex({animated: true, index: randomIndex});

    Button Properties

    Name Description Type Default
    backgroundColor Background color String '#b6bec0'
    color text color String '#ffffff'
    component pass custom component to Swipe-out buttons ReactNode null
    onPress function executed onPress Function null
    text Text String 'Click Me'
    type default, delete, primary, secondary String 'default'
    underlayColor Swipe-out button underlay color on press String Null
    disabled disable swipe-out button Boolean false


    Any type of issues are welcome. Please add screenshots of the bug and code snippet. Also the quickest way to solve the bug is to reproduce it with one of the examples. We would also welcome Pull Requests.

    git clone https://github.com/metasys96/CustomTable.git

    npm install

    react-native run-android or react-native run-android

    Copyright and License


    MetaSys Software Pvt. Ltd.



    Copyright 2020 MetaSys Software Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.


    npm i @metasys96/react-native-custom-table

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