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A plugin for developing MetaMask Snaps using Webpack. This can be used as alternative to the mm-snap CLI build command. It transforms the bundle to fix common issues with SES. For a list of changes the plugin makes, you can refer to the source code.


Use Node.js 16.0.0 or later. We recommend using nvm for managing Node.js versions.

Install a dependency in your snap project using yarn or npm:

  • npm install @metamask/snaps-webpack-plugin
  • yarn add @metamask/snaps-webpack-plugin


Add the plugin to the plugins array in your Webpack configuration:

// webpack.config.js

import SnapsWebpackPlugin from '@metamask/snaps-webpack-plugin';

export default {
  plugins: [new SnapsWebpackPlugin(options)],


All options are optional, and default to true.

import { Options } from '@metamask/snaps-webpack-plugin';

const options: Options = {
   * Whether to strip all comments from the bundle.
  stripComments: true,

   * Whether to evaluate the bundle with SES, to ensure SES compatibility.
  eval: true,

   * The path to the Snap manifest file. If set, it will be checked and automatically updated with
   * the bundle's hash, if `writeManifest` is enabled. Defaults to `snap/manifest.json` in the
   * current working directory.
  manifestPath: './snap.manifest.json',

   * Whether to write the updated Snap manifest file to disk. If `manifestPath` is not set, this
   * option has no effect. If this is disabled, an error will be thrown if the manifest file is
   * invalid.
  writeManifest: true,


npm i @metamask/snaps-webpack-plugin

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