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The experience and subtlety of your program's text is important. The messageformat project provides a complete set of tools for handling all the messages of your application, for both front-end and back-end environments; for both runtime and build-time use. It's built around the ICU MessageFormat standard and supports all the languages included in the Unicode CLDR, but it can be just as useful if you're dealing with only one of them.

ICU MessageFormat is a mechanism for handling both pluralization and gender in your applications. This is the core compiler of a JavaScript project supports and extends all parts of the official Java/C++ implementation, with the exception of the deprecated ChoiceFormat. In addition to compiling messages into JavaScript functions, it also provides tooling for making their use easy during both the build and runtime of your site or application.

For more details, please see the project's documentation site: http://messageformat.github.io/

This package was previously named messageformat.

Messageformat is an OpenJS Foundation project, and we follow its Code of Conduct.

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