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Mercurial Vault SDK

Getting started

NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@mercurial-finance/vault-sdk

SDK: https://github.com/mercurial-finance/vault-sdk

Demo: https://vault-sdk-demo.vercel.app/

Demo repo: https://github.com/mercurial-finance/vault-sdk-demo

  • Easiest way to get started with our Typescript SDK, the example demo includes all functionality and information we display on our own site.

Docs: https://docs.mercurial.finance/mercurial-dynamic-yield-infra/

Discord: https://discord.com/channels/841152225564950528/864859354335412224


  1. Install deps
npm i @mercurial-finance/vault-sdk @project-serum/anchor @solana/web3.js @solana/spl-token @solana/spl-token-registry
  1. Initialize VaultImpl instance
import VaultImpl from '@mercurial-finance/vault-sdk';
import { PublicKey } from '@solana/web3.js';
import { StaticTokenListResolutionStrategy, TokenInfo } from "@solana/spl-token-registry";
import { Wallet, AnchorProvider } from '@project-serum/anchor';

// Connection, Wallet, and AnchorProvider to interact with the network
const mainnetConnection = new Connection('https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com');
const mockWallet = new Wallet(new Keypair());
const provider = new AnchorProvider(mainnetConnection, mockWallet, {
    commitment: 'confirmed',
// Alternatively, to use Solana Wallet Adapter, refer to `Demo Repo`

const tokenMap = new StaticTokenListResolutionStrategy().resolve();
// Find the token info you want to use.
const SOL_TOKEN_INFO = tokenMap.find(token => token.symbol === 'SOL') as TokenInfo;
const vaultImpl = await VaultImpl.create(connection, SOL_TOKEN_INFO);
  1. To interact with the VaultImpl
// To refetch the vault's latest supply
// Alternatively, use `vaultImpl.lpSupply`
const lpSupply = await vaultImpl.getVaultSupply();

// Rewards are not instantly redeemable, and are subject to a lock.
// This function returns the amount of LP that are redeemable.
const unlockedAmount = await vaultImpl.getWithdrawableAmount()

// To deposit into the vault
const amountInLamports = 1 * 10 ** SOL_TOKEN_INFO.decimals; // 1.0 SOL
const depositTx = await vaultImpl.deposit(mockWallet.publicKey, new BN(amountInLamports)); // Web3 Transaction Object
const depositResult = await provider.sendAndConfirm(depositTx); // Transaction hash

// Get the user's ATA LP balance
const userLpBalance = await vaultImpl.getUserBalance(mockWallet.publicKey);

// To withdraw from the vault
const withdrawTx = await vaultImpl.withdraw(mockWallet.publicKey, new BN(userLpBalance)); // Web3 Transaction Object
const withdrawResult = await provider.sendAndConfirm(withdrawTx); // Transaction hash
  1. Helper function
import { helper } from '@mercurial-finance/vault-sdk';

const userShare = await vaultImpl.getUserBalance(mockWallet.publicKey);
const unlockedAmount = await vaultImpl.getWithdrawableAmount()
const lpSupply = await vaultImpl.getVaultSupply();

// To convert user's LP balance into underlying token amount
const underlyingShare = helper.getAmountByShare(userShare, unlockedAmount, lpSupply)

// To convert underlying token amount into user's LP balance
const amountInLamports = 1 * 10 ** SOL_TOKEN_INFO.decimals; // 1.0 SOL
const lpToUnmint = helper.getUnmintAmount(new BN(amountInLamports), unlockedAmount, lpSupply) // To withdraw 1.0 SOL

Vault Affiliate

To be a part of the Mercurial Finance's Vault Affiliate Program, visit our Discord above!

To initialize vault with affiliate

Affiliates only need to initialize the vault instance with the third paratemer opt.affiliate, subsequently, all interaction with the vault are the same as the usage guide above, no further configuration required.

const vaultImpl = await VaultImpl.create(
        affiliateId: new PublicKey('YOUR_PARTNER_PUBLIC_KEY');

To check Partner info

// Affiliate / Partner info
const partnerInfo = await vaultImpl.getAffiliateInfo();




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