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Mendix Pluggable Widgets Generator

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The Mendix Pluggable Widget Generator is a scaffolding tool to let you quickly create a Mendix Pluggable Widget.


  1. Install node.js (version >= 16).

Scaffold a widget project

  1. Generate your new project inside an empty folder:

    npx @mendix/generator-widget

    or automatically create the folder using:

    npx @mendix/generator-widget MyWidgetName

    Note that MyWidgetName can consist of space characters as well.

  2. Provide the following information about your widget project (press if you want to skip and use the default values):

    • Widget name
    • Description
    • Organization
    • Copyright
    • License
    • Version
    • Author
    • Mendix project path
    • Programming language
    • Platform
    • Template
    • Add unit tests
    • Add end-to-end tests


Full boilerplate

The full widget boilerplate is a fully developed and tested Mendix React widget that shows a value as a badge or a color label (just available for web/responsive platforms). It has the following features:

  • Display as a badge or a color label
  • Attach actions to the onClick event
  • Set static data text when the dynamic data is not specified

Empty widget

The empty template is a Mendix React hello world widget recommended for more experienced developers.

Add unit tests

If Yes is selected, unit tests are included to ensure individual units of the component are tested to determine whether they are fit for use. The default value is No.

Add end-to-end tests

If Yes is selected, end-to-end tests are included to ensure that the integrated components of an application function as expected. The default value is No.

Note: Both Unit and End-to-end tests apply only to the Full Boilerplate. End-to-end is exclusive for web and PWA apps.

The tool will then create copied files, and run npm install to install development dependencies.

Using the task runner

The widget generator will include the necessary files and tasks to your package.json for running the tasks over the Pluggable Widgets Tools.

If necessary you can run the tasks using the commands:

npm start
npm run build
npm run release


  • To build and watch for source code changes while developing, run the Mendix project located at the specified Mendix project path and run:

    npm start


Issues can be reported on Github.

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