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Memorize - VSCode

This is the Visual Studio Code extension of Memorize.

📓 Memorize is a set of tools that allows you to use markdown files as a Zettelkasten note-taking system.


The idea behind Memorize :

  • Use regular markdown files.
  • Respect a minimum schema. No more than 10 convention to be respected.
  • Do not depend on any specific software to edit the files. Use the editor of your choice.
  • Provide tools that check the files and help to respect the conventions.
  • Provide tools to explore the information in an interactive way.

💡 How Memorize works :

Memorize build a zettelkasten interpreting all the Markdown files inside a directory.

It will parse both, the front-matter (in yaml) and the content of the file.

For example, given this file :

id: 20200224175325
  - tag
  - example_tag
references: []
# Example zettle

My markdown #IsCool

Memorize would build the following object :

    "id": "20200120160015",
    "references": [],
    "tags": ["tag", "example_tag", "iscool"],
    "title": "Example zettle",

If for example, you want to make a link between two zettels you just need to include the zettelId inside the markdown body or in the references array.

For example, given this new file :

id: 20200224175326
  - tag
  - 20200120160010
# Second zettle

- [Example zettel](20200120160015)

Memorize would build the following object :

    "id": "20200120160016",
    "references": ["20200120160010", "20200120160015"],
    "tags": ["tag"],
    "title": "Second zettle",


Current features :

  • [X] Generate new Id
  • [X] Display graph visualization
  • [X] Link autocompletion
  • [X] Tag autocompletion
  • [X] Link zettel from Id
  • [X] Create new zettel
  • [X] Interactive graph visualization - Click to open zettel

Future features :

  • [ ] Tag visualization


  • Memorize: New zettel ➡️ Create new zettel
  • Memorize: Generate id ➡️ Generate id on the cursor position
  • Memorize: Open zettel ➡️ Open zettel providing the ID or the path
  • Memorize: Add zettel header to current file ➡️ Prepend zettel header on the current file
  • Memorize: Visualize ➡️ Display graph visualization of the zettelkasten
  • Memorize: Generate Zettels for empty links ➡️ Generates one new zettel for every empty links and replaces link target with zettel Id


At this moment there is no specific requirements other than VSCode.

Extension Settings

Zettel filename space replacement : The character used to replace spaces when creating a new Zettel. Zettelkasten visualization background : The background color for the zettelkasten visualization.

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