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    The MenuDocs Application API

    The MenuDocs Applications API is available to check the status of the MenuDocs Applications. v1.3.0

    How to use it -

    It's just as simple as importing the package and then our functions.

    Websites -

    Import the Package and use our basic response functions listed below.

    Functions -

    • webProfStatus
    • webStaffStatus
    • webContentStatus
    • webBanStatus
    • webApplicationStatus
    • webUpdates

    All but webApplicationStatus and webUpdates require a User ID to be passed. To do this use the code below.

    const userInfo = /* User ID Here */;

    Then handle your response with a .then() like this.

    const userInfo = /* User ID Here */;
    webProfStatus(userInfo).then(/* Handle Response Here */)

    You can replace webProfStatus with any of the Functions listed above except webApplicationStatus and webUpdates.

    Discord.js Bots -

    Import the Package and use our Bot Functions listed below.

    Functions -

    • botProfStatus
    • botStaffStatus
    • botContentStatus
    • botBanStatus
    • botApplicationStatus
    • botUpdates

    We build the Embeds for you so all you need to do is pass a User ID and then send the function response. botApplicationStatus and botUpdates do not need a User ID to be applied.

    const userInfo =;
    botProfStatus(userInfo).then(response =>;

    And it will send the embed to the channel that the command was sent in.

    And that's it, Enjoy the Package




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