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Medley plugin for parsing and setting cookies.


npm install @medley/cookie --save
# or
yarn add @medley/cookie


const medley = require('@medley/medley');
const app = medley();


app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  if (req.cookies.foo === undefined) {
    res.setCookie('foo', 'bar');
    res.send('cookie set');
  } else {
    res.send(`cookie: foo = ${req.cookies.foo}`);

Plugin Options


Type: string

Used for signing/unsigning cookies.

app.register(require('@medley/cookie'), {
  secret: 'to everybody', // `secret` should be a long, random string

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  if (req.cookies.foo === undefined) {
    const fooCookie = res.signCookie('foo-value')
    res.setCookie('foo', foo);
    res.send('cookie set');
  } else {
    const fooCookie = req.unsignCookie(req.cookies.foo);
    res.send(`foo = ${fooCookie}`);


Type: function
Default: decodeURIComponent

A function that will be used to decode each cookies' value.

app.register(require('@medley/cookie'), {
  decode: require('safe-decode-uri-component'),



An object of parsed cookies.

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  req.cookies // { cookieName: 'cookieValue', foo: 'bar' }


  • value (string) - A cookie value.
  • Returns (string | false) - The original cookie value (before signing) or false if the cookie was tampered with.

Unsigns a cookie value.

const fooCookie = req.unsignCookie(req.cookies.foo);
console.log(fooCookie); // 'bar'

const tamperedFooCookie = req.unsignCookie(req.cookies.foo + 'str');
console.log(tamperedFooCookie); // false


  • value (string) - A cookie value.
  • Returns (string) - The signed cookie value.

Signs a cookie value.

const signedValue = res.signCookie('hello');
console.log(signedValue); // 'hello.DGDUkGlIkCzPz+C0B064FNgHdEjox7ch8tOBGslZ5QI'

res.setCookie('greeting', signedValue);

The signed value will be different depending on the secret option used when registering the plugin.

res.setCookie(name, value[, options])

  • name (string) - The name of the cookie.
  • value (string) - The cookie value.
  • options (object) - See the options below.
  • chainable

Sets a cookie with name to value.

res.setCookie('foo', 'bar');

// Sets a cookie that expires in 1 hour
res.setCookie('rememberme', 'true', { maxAge: 3600, httpOnly: true, secure: true });

// Default encode option
res.setCookie('cross_domain_cookie', 'value!', {
  domain: 'example.com'
// Result: 'cross_domain_cookie=value!; Domain=example.com; Path=/'

// Custom encode option
res.setCookie('cross_domain_cookie', 'value!', {
  domain: 'example.com',
  encode: require('strict-uri-encode') // https://www.npmjs.com/package/strict-uri-encode
// Result: 'cross_domain_cookie=value%21; Domain=example.com; Path=/;'


Property Type Description
domain string Domain name for the cookie.
encode function A synchronous function used for encoding the cookie value.
Default: encodeURIComponent
expires Date Expiry date of the cookie in GMT. If not specified (and maxAge is not specified), a session cookie is created.
httpOnly boolean Flags the cookie to be accessible only by the web server (and not by JavaScript in the browser).
Default: false
maxAge number Convenient option for setting the expiry time relative to the current time in seconds. If not specified (and expires is not specified), a session cookie is created.
path string URL path prefix at which the cookie will be available.
Default: '/'
sameSite string|boolean Value for the SameSite Set-Cookie attribute. Can be any of the values supported by the cookie module: true, false, 'strict', 'lax', 'none'.
secure boolean Flags the cookie to be used with HTTPS only.
Default: false

res.clearCookie(name[, options])

  • name (string) - The name of a cookie.
  • options (object) - See the options above.
  • chainable

Clears a previously set cookie with name.

Note that for the cookie to be cleared, the domain, httpOnly, path, sameSite, and secure options must be the same as when the cookie was originally set.

res.clearCookie('rememberme', { httpOnly: true, secure: true });

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