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Meadow Slider

Clean and simple Slider component. For when <input type="range" /> just won't do (IE9).

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This component is designed for use with Browserify (but should work with anything CommonJS compatible). You can easily install it with npm:

npm install @meadow/react-slider


Meadow Slider is a drop-in replacement for <input type="range" /> with a couple extras here and there. Basic usage looks something like this:

import Slider from '@meadow/react-slider';

const App = function () {
  return (
      <Slider min={5} max={150} />

In order for this component to work, you must also include some styles. The easiest way to do so is by including the compiled CSS directly from this module:

import 'node_modules/@meadow/react-slider/dist/styles/slider.css';


Property Type Description
min Number The minimum value of the slider.
max Number The maximum value of the slider.
step Number If set, this splits the slider into a set of steps that are step apart.
value Number The value of the slider. If set, the slider will be a controlled component. You will need to set the onChange handler and update value manually.
defaultValue Number The intial value of the slider. If set, the slider will be an uncontrolled component.
onChange Function Callback to be fired when the value of the slider changes. Takes a single argument, newValue.
className String The CSS classes to be applied to the base slider element.


npm i @meadow/react-slider

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