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Welcome to BlockNote! The open source Block-Based rich text editor. Easily add a modern text editing experience to your app.

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Homepage - Introduction - Documentation

Live demo

Play with the editor @ https://blocknote-main.vercel.app/.

(Source in examples/editor)

Example code (React)

npm version

import { BlockNoteView, useBlockNote } from "@blocknote/react";
import "@maxswjeon/blocknote-core/style.css";

function App() {
  const editor = useBlockNote({
    onEditorContentChange: (editor) => {
      // Log the document to console on every update

  return <BlockNoteView editor={editor} />;

@blocknote/react comes with a fully styled UI that makes it an instant, polished editor ready to use in your app.

If you prefer to create your own UI components (menus), or don't want to use React, you can use @maxswjeon/blocknote-core (advanced, see docs).


BlockNote comes with a number of features and components to make it easy to embed a high-quality block-based editor in your app:


Helpful placeholders:

Drag and drop blocks:

Nesting / indentation with tab and shift+tab:

Slash (/) menu:

Format menu:

Real-time collaboration:

Feedback 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

We'd love to hear your thoughts and see your experiments, so come and say hi on Discord or Matrix.

Contributing 🙌

See CONTRIBUTING.md for more info and guidance on how to run the project (TLDR: just use npm start).

Directory structure:

├── packages/core       - The core of the editor
├── packages/react      - The main library for use in React apps
├── examples/editor     - Example React app that embeds the editor
├── examples/vanilla    - An advanced example if you don't want to use React or want to build your own UI components
└── tests               - Playwright end to end tests

The codebase is automatically tested using Vitest and Playwright.

Credits ❤️

BlockNote builds directly on two awesome projects; Prosemirror by Marijn Haverbeke and Tiptap. Consider sponsoring those libraries when using BlockNote: Prosemirror, Tiptap.

BlockNote is built as part of TypeCell. TypeCell is proudly sponsored by the renowned NLNet foundation who are on a mission to support an open internet, and protect the privacy and security of internet users. Check them out!


Hosting and deployments powered by Vercel:


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