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    A friendly siege weapon to get 2-way communication through tough firewalls and bad mobile networks


    • "IT professionals" who believe they can secure their company by blocking WebSockets haven't retired yet.
    • A WebSocket doesn't guarantee a long-lived connection.
    • A WebSocket with a ping doesn't guarantee a message will get delivered.

    What's it do?

    • Establishes a 2-way communication with a client no matter what
    • Uses a heartbeat to keep the connection open
    • Creates a new connection if closed without reason (e.g. a firewall ends a long-running connection or the server restarts)
    • Stop future connections if closed with reason (e.g. kicked off, blacklisted in real-time, etc.)
    • Queues unsent messages
    • Provides a clean API to let the user know they've been disconnected or reconnected
    • Supports WebSockets, WebRTC, and SSE. SSE will always work (barring a MITM attack). See Browser Support
    • Uses thunks for tree-shaking so you don't import trebuchets that you don't use
    • Supports custom encoding (ie binary data) where possible (SSE does not support binary)
    • Supports reliable messaging so you can be sure clients get the message


    yarn add @mattkrick/trebuchet-client


    • getTrebuchet(thunks): given an array of trebuchets, it tries them in order & returns the first that works
    • SocketTrebuchet({getUrl, encode, decode, batchDelay}): a constructor to establish a websocket connection
      • encode: An encoding mechanism, defaults to JSON.stringify
      • decode: A decoding mechanism, defaults to JSON.parse
      • batchDelay: default is -1 (no delay), pass 0 or higher to wrap in a setTimeout (0 waits until next tick, highly recommended, if the server supports it)
    • SSETrebuchet({getUrl, fetchData, fethcPing, fetchReliable}): a constructor to establish server-sent events


    import getTrebuchet, {SocketTrebuchet, SSETrebuchet, WRTCTrebuchet} from '@mattkrick/trebuchet-client'
    const trebuchets = [
      () => new SocketTrebuchet({getUrl:  () => 'wss://my-server.co', enocde: msgpack.encode, decode: msgpack.decode, batchDelay: 10}),
      () => {
        const getUrl = () => 'https://my-server.co'
        const fetchReliable = (connectionId, data) => fetch(`/sse/?reliable=true&id=${connectionId}`)
        const fetchPing = (connectionId) => fetch(`/sse/?ping=true&id=${connectionId}`)
        const fetchData = (data, connectionId) => fetch('/dataRoute', {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: {
            'content-type': 'application/json',
            'x-correlation-id': connectionId || ''
          body: JSON.stringify(data)
        return new SSETrebuchet({getUrl, fetchData, fetchPing, fetchReliable})
      () => {
        const fetchSignalServer = (signal) => fetch(`/rtc`, {method: 'POST', body: JSON.stringify(signal)})
        return new WRTCTrebuchet({fetchSignalServer})
    const siege = async () => {
      const trebuchet = await getTrebuchet(trebuchets)
      if (trebuchet) {
        trebuchet.send('it works!')
        trebuchet.on('data', () => {
          console.log('the walls have fallen')
        trebuchet.on('disconnected', () => {
          console.log('the firewall tore us apart')
        trebuchet.on('reconnected', () => {
          console.log('but our bond cannot be broken')
        trebuchet.on('close', ({code, reason}) => {
          if (reason) {
            console.log(`I lied. It's not you, it's the server: ${reason}`)
      } else {
        console.log('the siege failed, try adding more trebuchets!')


    • The ping is a single byte arraybuffer sent from the server. The client must reply within 10 seconds
    • Reliable messages include an ACK and REQ which are 4 byte payloads each.
      • If the server sends a reliable message, it will include a message id. The client will reply with an ACK that includes the message id.
      • If the id is not the previous id + 1, the client will queue that message & send a REQ for the first missing message. This guarantees message ordering.

    Browser Support

    Some browsers, namely IE11 and Edge, do not support EventSource (SSE) natively. To fix that, you'll need to polyfill it. See @mattkrick/event-source-polyfill.


    npm i @mattkrick/trebuchet-client

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