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hardhat-zksync-vyper 🚀

Hardhat plugin that adds zkSync-specific capabilities to vyper.

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📥 Installation

To install hardhat-zksync-vyper plugin, run:

npm install -D @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-vyper


yarn add -D @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-vyper @nomiclabs/hardhat-vyper

🔧 Setup

Scaffold a new project

Use the zkSync Era cli to set up a project.

npx zksync-cli@latest create project greeter-vyper-example --template hardhat_vyper cd greeter-vyper-example

Update the hardhat.config.ts file with:

import "@matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-vyper";

const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
  zkvyper: {
    version: "latest", // Uses latest available in https://github.com/matter-labs/zkvyper-bin/
    settings: {
      // compilerPath: "zkvyper", // optional field with the path to the `zkvyper` binary.
      libraries: {}, // optional. References to non-inlinable libraries
      optimizer: {
        mode: '3' // optional. 3 by default, z to optimize bytecode size
        fallback_to_optimizing_for_size: false, // optional. Try to recompile with optimizer mode "z" if the bytecode is too large
      experimental: {
        dockerImage: '', // deprecated
        tag: ''   // deprecated
🔧 properties 📄 Description
version zkvyper compiler version. Default value is latest
compilerSource Indicates the compiler source and can be either binary. (A docker option is no longer recommended).
compilerPath Optional field with the path to the zkvyper binary. By default, the binary in $PATH is used.
libraries Define any non-inlinable libraries your contracts use as dependencies here
optimizer Compiler optimizations mode: 3 (default), fallback_to_optimizing_for_size: false (default) recommended for most projects.
dockerImage (deprecated) option used to identify the name of the compiler docker image.

Learn more about compiling libraries.

Create a simple vyper contract

The zkSync Era cli generates a contracts folder which includes a Greeter.sol contract.

  • Delete Greeter.sol from the contracts/ directory.
  • Add the equivalent Greeter.vy Vyper contract:
# @version ^0.3.3

greeting: constant(String[100]) = "Hello, World!"

def greet() -> String[100]:
    return self.greeting

Compile the contract

yarn hardhat compile

Create deployment script

First update the use-greeter.ts script, supplied by the CLI in the deploy/ directory by importing contract from correct location.

import * as ContractArtifact from "../artifacts-zk/contracts/Greeter.vy/Greeter.json";

Add private key to environment variables

Remove example from the .env.example file and add your private key to .

Deploy the contract

yarn hardhat deploy-zksync --script deploy-greeter.ts


You should see something like this:

Running deploy function for the Greeter contract
The deployment is projected to cost 0.000135806 ETH
constructor args:0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000094869207468657265210000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Greeter was deployed to 0x7CDF8A4334fafE21B8dCCe70487d6CBC00183c0d

📝 Documentation

In addition to the hardhat-zksync-vyper, zkSync's Era website offers a variety of resources including:

Guides to get started: Learn how to start building on zkSync Era.
Hardhat zkSync Era plugins: Overview and guides for all Hardhat zkSync Era plugins.
Hyperscaling: Deep dive into hyperscaling on zkSync Era.

🤝 Contributing

Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to open any issue or send a pull request.

Go to CONTRIBUTING.md to learn about steps and best practices for contributing to zkSync hardhat tooling base repository.

🙌 Feedback, help and news

zkSync Era Discord server: for questions and feedback.
Follow zkSync Era on Twitter

Happy building! 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

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