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    Euclid.ts is a Typescript library for 2D geometry. It contains classes for elements like points, lines, circles, and polygons, intersection detection, as well as SVG and Canvas drawing tools. It was developed for, an award-winning mathematics education project.


    All class instances are immutable: you need to create new copies rather than modifying their properties. This is mainly to facilitate fast change detection on downstream libraries.

    • Points: Point(x: number, y: number)

    • Lines: Line(p1: Point, p2: Point), Segment(p1: Point, p2: Point), Ray(p1: Point, p2: Point)

    • Polygons: Polygon(...points: Point[]), Polyline(...points: Point[])

    • Rectangles: Rectangle(p: Point, w: number, h: number)

    • Circles: Circle(c: Point, r: number)

    • Ellipses: Ellipse(c: Point, a: number, b: number)

    • Arcs: Arc((c: Point, start: Point, angle: number)), Sector((c: Point, start: Point, angle: number))

    • Angle: Angle(a: Point, b: Point, c: Point)

    • Bounds: Bounds(xMin: number, xMax: number, yMin: number, yMax: number)

    • Intersections: intsersection(...obj: GeoShape[])

    • Drawing: drawSVG(obj: GeoElement, options: SVGDrawingOptions), drawCanvas(ctx: CanvasRenderingContext2D, obj: GeoElement, options: CanvasDrawingOptions)


    First, install Euclid.ts from NPM using

    npm install @mathigon/euclid

    Now, simply import all functions and classes you need, using

    import {Point, Line} from '@mathigon/euclid'


    We welcome community contributions: please file any bugs you find or send us pull requests with improvements. You can find out more on

    Before submitting a pull request, you will need to sign the Mathigon Individual Contributor License Agreement.

    Copyright and License

    Copyright © Mathigon (
    Released under the MIT license


    npm i @mathigon/euclid

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