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    This project is currently in beta and APIs are subject to change.

    render React components to Sketch; tailor-made for design systems

    Quickstart 🏃‍

    First, make sure you have installed Sketch version 43+, & a recent npm.

    Open a new Sketch file, then in a terminal:

    git clone
    cd react-sketchapp/examples/basic-setup && npm install
    npm run render

    Next, check out some more examples!


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    Managing the assets of design systems in Sketch is complex, error-prone and time consuming. Sketch is scriptable, but the API often changes. React provides the perfect wrapper to build reusable documents in a way already familiar to JavaScript developers.

    What does the code look like?

    import * as React from 'react';
    import { render, Text, Artboard } from 'react-sketchapp';
    const App = props => (
        <Text style={{ fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', color: 'hotPink' }}>
          { props.message }
    export default (context) => {
      render(<App message="Hello world!" />, context.document.currentPage());

    What can I do with it?

    • Manage design systems— react-sketchapp was built for Airbnb’s design system; this is the easiest way to manage Sketch assets in a large design system
    • Use real components for designs— Implement your designs in code as React components and render them into Sketch
    • Design with real data— Designing with data is important but challenging; react-sketchapp makes it simple to fetch and incorporate real data into your Sketch files
    • Build new tools on top of Sketch— the easiest way to use Sketch as a canvas for custom design tooling

    Found a novel use? We'd love to hear about it!

    Read more about why we built it



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