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Shapes direct attention, identify components, communicate state, and express brand.

Currently shape system for web only supports rounded corners.

Design & API Documentation


npm install @material/shape

Basic Usage


@use "@material/shape";

Style Customization

Sass Variables

Components are categorized as small, medium, and large in the Material shape system. Overriding the below Sass variables will change all components in their respective categories.

Variable Description
$small-component-radius Rounded shape radius size for small components. Default value 4px.
$medium-component-radius Rounded shape radius size for medium components. Default value 4px.
$large-component-radius Rounded shape radius size for large components. Default value 0.

Please refer Material Design guidelines: Shape to learn about how components are categorized.

Note: Only rounded shape designs are currently supported.

CSS Custom Properties

CSS Custom Property Description
--mdc-shape-small Rounded shape radius size for small components. Default value 4px.
--mdc-shape-medium Rounded shape radius size for small components. Default value 4px.
--mdc-shape-large Rounded shape radius size for small components. Default value 0.

Note: Do not use percentage values with custom properties, since they cannot be resolved by shape.radius() at runtime.

Sass Mixins

Mixin Description
radius($radius, $rtl-reflexive) Shape API used by all other components to apply radius to appropriate corners. $radius can be single value or list of up to 4 radius corner values. Set $rtl-reflexive to true to flip the radius in RTL case, false by default.

Sass Functions

Function Description
resolve-radius($radius, $component-height) Returns the resolved radius value of a shape category - large, medium, or small. If $radius is not a category, this function returns the value itself if valid. Valid values are numbers or percentages. $component-height should be provided if $radius may be a percentage.
flip-radius($radius) Flips the radius values in RTL context. $radius is list of 2-4 corner values.
mask-radius($radius, $masked-corners) Accepts radius number or list of 2-4 radius values and returns 4 value list with masked corners as mentioned in $masked-corners.
unpack-radius($radius) Unpacks shorthand values for border-radius (i.e. lists of 1-3 values). If a list of 4 values is given, it is returned as-is.

Additional Information

Shapes for fixed height components

Styles for applying shape to a fixed height component such as button looks like this:

@use "@material/button";

@include shape.radius($radius, $component-height: button.$height);

Where button.$height is the height of standard button and $radius is the size of the shape. shape.radius() will resolve any percentage unit value to an absolute radius value based on the component's height.

Shapes for dynamic height components

Styles for applying shapes to dynamic height component such as card looks like this:

@include shape.radius($radius);

Where $radius is an absolute value only.

Shapes for components on specific corners

Styles for applying shapes for specific corners such as drawer looks like this:

@include shape.radius(0 $radius $radius 0, $rtl-reflexive: true);

Where only top-right & bottom-right corners are customizable. shape.radius() will automatically flip radius values based on RTL context if $rtl-reflexive is set to true.

Component theming

The styles for applying custom shape to a button component looks like this:

@use "@material/button";

.my-custom-button {
  @include button.shape-radius(50%);

In this example, the above style applies a 50% pill shape to the button. It could also be an absolute value (e.g., 8px);

The Shape API is typically used indirectly through each respective component's mixin, which takes care of setting height and applying radius to applicable corners for all of its variants.

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