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Massa smart-contract Deployer

This package can deploy a smart contract with an initialization function.



To get the stable version: npm i -D @massalabs/massa-sc-deployer.

To get the nightly version: npm i -D @massalabs/massa-sc-deployer@dev.

To update the nightly version: npm update @massalabs/massa-sc-deployer.

Write your smart contract

In your smart contract, add an optional constructor function:

 * This function is meant to be called only one time: when the contract is deployed.
 * @param binaryArgs - Arguments serialized with Args
export function constructor(binaryArgs: StaticArray<u8>): StaticArray<u8> {
  // This line is important. It ensures that this function can't be called in the future.
  // If you remove this check, someone could call your constructor function and reset your SC.
  if (!contractIsDeploying()) {
    return [];
  // Initialize your smart contract
  return [];

Use this library to deploy it

You can write a deployment script that uses massa-web3 library and this sc-deployer to create complex deployment process.

A simple use-case is as follows:

import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
import { deploySC, WalletClient, ISCData } from '@massalabs/massa-sc-deployer';
import { Args } from '@massalabs/massa-web3';

(async () => {
  await deploySC(
    '', // deploy on your local sandbox node
    await WalletClient.getAccountFromSecretKey('my secret key'), 
        data: readFileSync('path/to/theContractIWantToDeploy.wasm'), // path to the compiler contract to deploy
        coins: 0n, // amount of Massa coin to send to the deployment transaction
        args: new Args().addString('Test'), // Arguments to pass to the constructor of the contract, use `NoArg` if any
      } as ISCData,
    0n, // fees
    4_200_000_000n, // max gas
    true, // wait for the first event to be emitted and print it into the console.
    fromMAS(0.1), // max coins (Optional. If not set, an estimated value will be used)


We welcome contributions from the community!

If you would like to contribute to Massa-as-sdk, please read the CONTRIBUTING file.




npm i @massalabs/massa-sc-deployer

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