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    Marlon Lab Plugin Boilerplate

    Marlon Laboratory is built with scalability in mind: internal team and community developers can develop own plugins that are able to add features, editing style, ovveride first-party components, manage events, access to WebGL Context, generate logics, and so on.


    All necessary stuff are handled by this boilerplate. For preventing duplication of code and unuseful usage of memory, cpu and network the Marlon Laboratory will provide following dependencies:

    • Vue: Vue Framework, version 2.6.14 (this will upgrade to > 3)
    • Pixi: Pixi Framework, version 6.0.4 (this will upgrade to > 6.11)
    • Marlon Lab: this package contains core of Marlon LAB (Application, WebGl, PIXI ticker, Event System, so on.)
    • Marlon Vue: this package provides some useful stuff like utilities, vuex modules and vue components used by Marlon Team for Marlon Products.

    Install dependencies

    1. Use your favourite package manager: npm, yarn, nnpm, etc.
    2. Run install. Example npm install or yarn install.

    Eslint and TypeScript

    This boilerplate includes configurations used by Marlon Team.

    Folder structure

    NOTE: If you use MARLON_AUTOMATIC_REGISTER feature YOU MUST NOT TO REMOVE folders provided by this boilerplate.

    • ./ src
      • / components -> in this folder puts all Vue Component files
      • / listeners -> in this folder puts all listeners files: Plugin has default code to load automatically all listeners.
      • main.ts -> entry file: include code for auto-installation
      • plugin.ts -> this file contains main class of your plugin


    1. Create a repo using this repo as template.

    2. Run npm run serve.

    3. Open Marlon Laboratory Application

    4. Log in using your credentials.

    5. Select or create a project.

    6. Install plugin using console. Place this code:

          new URL('http://localhost:8080/marlon-example-plugin.umd.js')

    Notes about plugins

    • Change name for builds changing name into package.json
    • If you run dev, two process run:
      1. Webpack (build and watch)
      2. Nodemon + HTTP SERVER
    • You must refresh LABORATORY on build change, no Hot Reload provided yet.


    Weight: ExamplePlugin GZipped -> 14.37 KiB.

    1. Build npm run build
    2. Deploy on your favourite CDN


    • [x] Install by UI.
    • [ ] Manage maps of events (mouse, keyboard, actions, gestures).
    • [x] Add tools property to Plugin like shortcuts.
    • [x] Use string with EventSystem.
    • [ ] Provide more functions for access Application and write on it.




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