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    TA-Analytics was made for every website that needs to have an easy and customizable Google Analytics “blocker”. This is in particular interesting for people targeting customers in Europe. TA-Analytics only loads the Google Tag Manager after the user confirms to tracking scripts.

    TA-Analytics is 100% customizable and has endless animation options. You can use TA-Analytics as a stand-alone version as well as a part of your Alpine JS and Tailwind CSS project. TA-Analytics is designed to fit in every project, in every grid and in every flexbox so please try it out and if you have some feedback - leave me a message: @markusantonwolf / Twitter


    If you want to take a quick look: CodePen

    You can see a real world example on this page:


    • Loads Google Analytics only after confirmation
    • Localstorage and cookies are supported
    • Anonymize ip address supported
    • Feedback after confirmation
    • Testmode and thank you message in console
    • Auto hide after optional milliseconds
    • Thank you message in console
    • Tailwind animations are available
    • All options are customizable!!!
    • Small file size JS + CSS: 7.4 kByte
    • Alpine JS + TA-Analytics bundle size: 29.3 kByte
    • Use of Alpine JS and Tailwind CSS



    <script src=""></script>

    Alpine JS + TA-Analytics


    All TA StyledPlugins

    • TA-Gallery - An image gallery with endless animation options.
    • TA-Pagination - A content pagination solution.
    • TA-Youtube - A YouTube video wrapper with auto playback and aspect ratio for the video player.
    • TA-Analytics - A plugin for every website that needs to have an easy and customizable Google Analytics “blocker”.
    • TA-Foodtrucks - A plugin to show the next food truck and street food dates in your area.

    Local development

    // To install dev dependencies run:
    npm install
    // To start the development server run and go to http://localhost:9999/:
    npm run serve
    // To make a development build run:
    npm run develop
    // To make a production build run:
    npm run build


    TA Analytics is released under the MIT license & supports modern environments.


    © 2020 Markus A. Wolf


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