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    Mapbox GL Inspect Build Status

    Add an inspect control to Mapbox GL JS to view all features of the vector sources and allows hovering over features to see their properties.

    Requires mapbox-gl-js (version 0.29.0 – 0.31.x).

    Mapbox GL Inspect Preview


    mapbox-gl-inspect is a Mapbox GL JS plugin that you can easily add on top of your map. Check index.html for a complete example.

    Make sure to include the CSS and JS files.

    When using a CDN

    <script src=''></script>
    <link href='' rel='stylesheet' />

    When using modules

    var mapboxgl = require('mapbox-gl');
    var MapboxInspect = require('mapbox-gl-inspect');
    // Pass an initialized popup to Mapbox GL
    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      popup: new mapboxgl.Popup({
        closeButton: false,
        closeOnClick: false

    Add Inspect Control

    Add the inspect control to your map.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect());

    Show Inspection Map

    Switch to the inspection map by default.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      showInspectMap: true

    Show only Inspection Mode

    Switch to the inspection map by default and hide the inspect button to switch back to the normal map. Check examples/inspect-only.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      showInspectMap: true,
      showInspectButton: false

    Disable Popup

    Disable the feature Popup in inspection mode and in map mode. Check examples/no-popup.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      showInspectMapPopup: false,
      showMapPopup: false

    Custom Popup Function

    You can also control the Popup output. Check examples/custom-popup.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      renderPopup: function(features) {
        return '<h1>' + features.length + '</h1>';

    Custom Color Function

    You are able to control the generated colors and background of the inspection style. Check examples/custom-color-1.html and examples/custom-color-2.html.

    var colors = ['#FC49A3', '#CC66FF', '#66CCFF', '#66FFCC'];
    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      backgroundColor: '#000',
      assignLayerColor: function(layerId, alpha) {
        var randomNumber = parseInt(Math.random() * colors.length);
        return colors[randomNumber];

    Show just Popup but no Inspect Style

    You can also hide the inspect button and enable the popup on the map if just want the popup hovering feature in your normal map but no inspect style. Check examples/no-inspect-style.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      showInspectButton: false,
      showMapPopup: true

    Show Popup only for certain Features

    You can pass a queryParameters object structured like the parameters object documented for map.queryRenderedFeatures. This let's you show the inspect popup for only certain layers. Check examples/query-params.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      queryParameters: {
        layers: ['composite_road_line']

    You can also use this feature to do custom layer filtering.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      queryParameters: {
        filter: ['>', 'height', 10]

    Less Fidly Popup

    If inspecting features is too fiddly for thin lines you can optionally set a custom pixel buffer around the pointer when querying for features to make inspection a bit more forgiving. Check examples/less-fidly.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      selectThreshold: 50

    Show Popup only on Click not on Hovering

    Do not show the inspect popup when hovering over the map but only when clicking on the map. Check examples/popup-on-click.html.

    map.addControl(new MapboxInspect({
      showMapPopup: true,
      showMapPopupOnHover: false,
      showInspectMapPopupOnHover: false


    Run the linter and watch for changes to rebuild with browserify.

    npm install
    npm run test
    npm run watch

    Create a minified standalone build.

    npm install
    npm run build


    npm i @mapgis/mapbox-gl-inspect

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