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    A Set of Generators for Creating Projects Written in TypeScript with custom additions


    The generators in this packages are based on the @manuth/generator-ts-project package.
    In addition to the output of these generators, the code-style of all .md files will be refactored automatically and a Drone configuration will be created for continuous integration.


    Install MyTSProjectGenerator

    You can install MyTSProjectGenerator using the following command:

    npm install -g yo @manuth/generator-my-ts-project

    Generate a Generator Written in TypeScript

    You can create a generator written in TypeScript using this command:

    yo @manuth/my-ts-project

    It is recommended to use a code-editor which provides TypeScript-support (like, for example VSCode or Atom).

    Generator Output

    • A basic folder-structure for keeping TypeScript-code and JavaScript-builds separate
    • Linting-rules (optional)
      • Either weak rules…
      • …or strong rules
    • A node-package with required dependencies
    • Mocha test-environment
    • NPM-Scripts for…
      • Compiling the TypeScript-code
      • Cleaning compiled TypeScript-code
      • Linting the package
      • Testing the package
    • Drone-configuration
    • Visual Studio Code workspace (optional)
      • Settings
      • Task for building the generator (by pressing CTRL, SHIFT + B)
      • Task for linting the generator
      • Debug-settings

    When generating a module you'll additionally get:

    • An empty index script

    When generating a generator you'll get following in addition:

    • An EJS-extension for VSCode
    • An example-generator including template-files
    • As many sub-generators as you bother to create


    npm i @manuth/generator-my-ts-project

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