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Module usage

> const validate = require('@manuscripts/manuscripts-json-schema');
> validate({ objectType: 'MPContributor' })
[ { keyword: 'required',
    dataPath: '',
    schemaPath: '#/required',
    params: { missingProperty: 'firstName' },
    message: 'should have required property \'firstName\'' } ]
> validate({ objectType: 'MPContributor', potato: 1 })
[ { keyword: 'additionalProperties',
    dataPath: '',
    schemaPath: '#/additionalProperties',
    params: { additionalProperty: 'potato' },
    message: 'should NOT have additional properties' } ]

Versioning scheme

This repository uses a semantic versioning scheme with the following interpretation:

  • major version: "incompatible change": changing the meaning of an existing field, or introduction of a new required field on a type, or any action that requires migrating existing data.
  • minor version: addition of a new feature in the schema for which there is no reason to believe it requires migrating already stored data: new optional fields, new entities.
  • patch version: all bug fixes that do not fall into either of above categories.

NOTE: As a general rule, schema changes generally only add new fields or mark existing optional or mark additional non-described fields acceptable (marking optional and allowing for additional fields effectively "softly deprecating" the use of pre-existing fields that may have previously been referred to in the schema as required fields): data conforming to this schema is assumed to be synchronised across in an eventually consistent manner across clients that may be disconnected from each other for long periods of time, and data is validated at synchronisation time with the most recent recent schema. It is therefore as a general rule difficult to create schema changes that change the meaning of, or remove existing fields, in a way that is to be reflected as schema validator visible changes (because old data can inadvertently become invalid according to new schema validation rules).

How do I get my schema change accepted?

To make schema changes visible at a running instance of manuscripts-frontend, please complete the following steps.

Make the schema changes

  1. Create a branch for your schema changes with a descriptive name, and make your changes on that branch.
  1. Post a merge request for your schema changes for a merge to master + address review comments. Once the MR is merged, the @manuscripts/manuscripts-json-schema package is published automatically. NOTE: package publishing will fail if you did not update the version string in package.json as part of your changes.

Reference the updated schema in manuscripts-sync

  1. Create a branch of manuscripts-sync where you update the @manuscripts/json-schema version in the package.json and where you also update the "version" property of manuscripts-sync itself (for the same reason as above, the package version determines a successful @manuscripts/manuscripts-sync publishing to NPM, and the publishing of a manuscripts-sync Docker image in the Docker registry associated with manuscripts-sync. If your changes to manuscripts-json-schema introduce any access control rule related changes (e.g. change in behaviour with respect to containerID etc ACL related fields), please test your changes thoroughly.
  2. Post a merge request for your manuscripts-sync changes + address review comments. Once MR is merged, an updated @manuscripts/manuscripts-sync NPM package is made available with the version string you used, and an updated manuscripts-sync Docker image is made available under registry.gitlab.com/mpapp-public/manuscripts-sync/sync_gateway.

Reference the updated manuscripts-sync Docker image + NPM package in manuscripts-api

  1. Create a branch of manuscripts-api
  • NOTE: this repository is still private (the last private repository in the project), will soon be made public – request access via the Friends of Manuscripts Slack chat if you want in already.
  • Edit docker/utils/templates/docker-compose.yml.ejs on your branch to reference the updated manuscripts-sync/sync_gateway image. This has effect for local docker-compose based development environment only.
  • Edit @manuscripts/sync reference in package.json to reference the updated NPM package version. This change is needed for both local development and production-like environments.
  1. Post a merge request for your manuscripts-api changes + address review comments. Once MR is merged, an updated manuscripts-api Docker image is published to the Docker registry associated with the repository.


Run npm run docs and open http://localhost:3000




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