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    JSON schema validator matching standard version 0 . 7



    File checkinput.js
    Abstract JSON schema validator matching standard version 0 . 7
    Author Volker Böhm
    Copyright Copyright ( c ) 2020 Volker Böhm
    License This software is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 . It is furnished "as is" , without any support , and with no warranty , express or implied , as to its usefulness for any purpose .

    Global functions


    _checkPropertyNames (definition, object, checkSubschema) => {CheckResult}

    Checks the property names

    _checkPropertyNames Parameters

    Name Type Description
    definition Object property names schema definition
    object Object object to check
    checkSubschema function ( definition , data )

    _checkPropertyNames returns

    Type Description
    CheckResult result of the check with 'check' and 'message'

    Class CheckInput

    new CheckInput(definition, options)

    Creates a new JSON Schema validation class to validate a data object according to a JSON Schema . Many thanks to epoberezkin/JSON-Schema-Test-Suite for providing a cool test suite . I use it to check my implementation This is not ( yet ) a complete implementation . The following tests are not running yet :

    • remote-refs ( neither local nor remote )
    • unicode-code-points ( EmacsScript length is used to get the lengt of a string ) definitions


    check = new CheckInput({
      type: 'object',
      properties: {
          topic: { type: 'string' },
          value: { type: 'string' },
      required: ['topic', 'value']
    // returns true, as the parameter fits to the descriptions
    check.validate({ topic: '/a/b', value: 'on' })
    // returns false and fills the error message
    // check.message is { topic: 'missing property topic', value: 'missing property value' }
    check.validate ( {} )
    // Throws an Error, as the validation does not fits to the description
    check.throwOnValidationError({ topic: '/a/b' })
    // Prints the error message

    CheckInput Parameters

    Name Type Description
    definition Any JSON schema definition
    options Object schema validation options

    options properties

    Name Type Attribute Default Description
    deepUnique boolean optional true if true , the content is checked deeply . For example different objects with the same
    stringToNumber boolean optional false if true , strings containing numbers are automatically converted

    CheckInput Members

    Name Type description
    messages Object, string Gets the list of error messages

    CheckInput Methods


    throwOnValidationError (data, message)

    Validates the input and throws a message on error

    throwOnValidationError Parameters
    Name Type Attribute Default Description
    data Object data to check against definition
    message string optional '' starting string of the error message


    validate (data) => {boolean}

    Checks an object against a swagger defintion

    validate Parameters
    Name Type Description
    data Object data to check against definition
    validate returns
    Type Description
    boolean true , if the data matches to the definition else false


    npm i @mangar2/checkinput

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