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    A Dai.js plugin for interacting with the multi-collateral dai contracts

    Example usage

    import { McdPlugin, ETH, REP, DAI } from '@makerdao/dai-plugin-mcd';
    import Maker from '@makerdao/dai';
    import { createCurrency } from '@makerdao/currency';
    import { tokenAddress, tokenAbi } from 'someOtherTokenData';
    const TOK = createCurrency('TOK');
    const maker = await Maker.create('http', {
      // ...other configuration...
      plugins: [
            // omit this option to get the default set:
            // ETH-A, ETH-B, REP-A
            cdpTypes: [
              { currency: ETH, ilk: 'ETH-A' },
              { currency: REP, ilk: 'REP-A' },
              { currency: TOK, ilk: 'TOK-Z', address: tokenAddress, abi: tokenAbi },
    await maker.service('proxy').ensureProxy();
    const cdpManager = maker.service('mcd:cdpManager');
    const cdp1 = await cdpManager.openLockAndDraw('REP-A', REP(50), DAI(1000));
    const cdp2 = await cdpManager.openLockAndDraw('ETH-A', ETH(50), DAI(1000));
    const cdp3 = await cdpManager.openLockAndDraw('TOK-Z', TOK(50), DAI(1000));

    Please visit for more documentation.

    Developer notes

    The MCD contracts store the stability fee per second in a variable called tax as a number in the form 1.X _ 10^27 (e.g. 1000000000472114805215157978), and the base rate in a variable called repo as a number in the form 0.X _ 10^27.

    In this plugin, the getAnnualStabilityFee() and get getAnnualBaseRate functions convert those values to return a decimal representation of the yearly rates (e.g. 0.015 and 0.01).

    Run the tests from the top-level dai.js directory.

    Local Development

    Due to the way that Babel7 handles transpilation it is not possible to use yarn link when locally developing this plugin, and importing it. We recommend using yalc instead. We've also found that a watcher tool called sane is helpful.

    Steps to Run:

    1. In this directory run sane "yalc publish && cd [INSERT THE DIRECTORY OF THE PROJECT THAT IS IMPORTING THIS PLUGIN] && yalc link @makerdao/dai-plugin-mcd" src --wait=3




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