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    Yet Another Cli Library

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    A NodeJS / TypeScript framework to implement complex command line applications


    npm install @makepad/yacl

    Creating your first CLI

    All CLIs should have a main command (which is called from terminal) and subcommands and flags of this root command. Assuming that you have a cli.ts file which will be executed when your CLI called from terminal.

    Let's start with creating this main command:

    Creating the main command

    A basic cli.ts file looks like as follows

    #!/usr/bin/env node
    import { Command } from 'yacl';
    const main: Command = new Command({
      name: 'example-cli',
      description: 'An example CLI built by yacl',
      longDescription: '',
      run: () => {
        console.log('example-cli command called');

    The main command name should match the bin script name in your package.json.

      "bin": {
        "example-cli": "dist/cli.js"

    Once you have created your first main command you can subcommands and flags and add them to a command with addCommand and addFlag functions respectively.

    Creating subcommands

    A subcommand is a Command that which has a parent command. The unique difference between a subcommand and a main command is that a main command has no parents. So to create a subcommand you can just use the Command constructor and add your command to its parent with addCommand function.

    Creating flags

    There can be two different flags. One that contains a value and the other that indicates boolean. For the first one you can use Flag class constructor and for the second one you can use BooleanFlag class.

    A basic Flag looks like this:

    new Flag<string[]>({
      name: 'ids',
      required: true,
      parser: (strValue: string) => ({
        error: undefined,
        result: strValue.split(','),
      longForm: 'id',
      shortForm: 'i',
      usage: '--id <id1>,<id2>,<id3>',

    A basic boolean flag can be created as follows:

    new BooleanFlag({
      name: 'Headless mode',
      longForm: 'headless',

    You can add these flags to a command using addFlag function on the parent command.


    For further information you can refer to the documentation


    npm i @makepad/yacl

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