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    This is a package to help with managing authorization and authentication within DR applications. This will assist with JWT Token Verification, Scopes Verification, Policy Document creation for API Gateway, etc.


    In order to use VerifyTokenManager, you need to instantiate a copy of the class.

    const vtm = new VerifyTokenManager();

    This was done as a class so it can "manage it's own state." In an effort to speed up JWT Token Verifications along with Signing Verification, we only want to request the PEM once. This operation is async, so we would not want each request to slow down the application.


    This will verify an encoded token by checking against the SigningKey and other optional settings. It will also check if the token is Expired against the current date.


    Parameter Required Description
    jwksUri Yes Location of the JWKS URI in order to acquire the SigningKey
    encodedToken Yes The token to decode
    options No Options that can be set when verifying the token. See IVerifyOptions


    Options Description
    audience To verify the audience against a known audience or audiences, pass the value here
    issuer To verify the issuer against a known issuer or issuers, pass the value here
    algorithms The algorithms used to encode the token. RS256 for example. You shouldn't need this option
    ignoreExpiration Pass TRUE to not validate the token against expiration
    clockTolerance If you wish to provide a "buffer", pass it here. For instance, if you want the token to be determined to be expired if we are within 30 seconds of expiration, pass 30 here.


    This function will perform the same operation as the verify function. However, instead of passing in the encodedToken, you will pass in the ITokenAuthorization object that comes from API Gateway. The function will then get the encodedToken and pass it to verify for the results.


    If you wish to decode a token, and check it against the criteria in IVerifyOptions, but you do not wish to verify against the SigningKey, then use this function


    Parameter Required Description
    encodedToken Yes The token to decode
    options No Options that can be set when verifying the token. See IVerifyOptions


    This object contains helpers to work with API Gateway method ARNs


    This method will take a methodArn and parse it into it's parts.


    This method will take the parts of a methodArn and construct the arn. This is helpful for creating methodArns with wildcards


    This object has tools for checking scopes against a known list


    This method will tell you if every scope in the known list is in the token


    This method will tell you if at least one scope in the known list is in the token


    This object contains tools to create a PolicyDocument for API Gateway Authorizers


    Given a set of resources, this will create the policy document. If the resources list is empty, or undefined, it will return a policy to deny access


    Given the token, the methodArn from the authorizer and a set of options, this will create the policy document. The options define the readScopes (scopes for read access), writeScopes (scopes for write access), readVerbs (verbs for read, defaults to GET) and writeVerbs (verbs for write, default to ['POST', 'PUT', 'PATCH])




    npm i @makemydeal/dr-auth-utilities

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