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    This package contains the types needed for the rest of the package. This gives the developer the opportunity to implement interfaces instead of using the default Accelerate implementation @makemydeal/cdk-dr-constructs.


    Name Description
    ApplicationEnvironment Allows for an array of environments to be passed to the CICD Synthesizer to set up the pipeline for the environments needed
    ConstructFactory Generic Implementation of the Factory pattern we will use for some of the constructs. This will allow a factory to be passed instead of an instance, so the packages can construct the classes only when needed
    IEncryption Interface for the Encryption Construct to get the Encryption Key used
    IIam Interface for the IAM Construct to get the roles needed by the pipelines.
    ISsmProperties Interface used to get SSM Values
    StackManager Interfaces and Abstract class used to construct Managers. DRStackManagerProps, DRStackBuildActionProps, DRStackEnvironmentStackActionProps, DRStackCreateStackProps, DRStackManager
    IVpcConfig, IVpcConfigProps, ConstructFactoryVpc Used to create a factory to generate VPC Configuration. It also contains a higher order function to create a ConstructFactory for VPC since VPC needs specific props to be constructed.
    PostmanIntegrationTestSettings Settings needed to enable Postman Integration Tests
    SNS Set of constructs used to either get a reference to an SNS topic or create a new one.
    ARecord Construct to create an DNS A Record


    import { ApplicationEnvironment } from '@makemydeal/cdk-types';
    let environmentList: ApplicationEnvironment[] = [
            environmentName: 'dev',
            enableCrossOrigin: true
            environmentName: 'qa'
            environmentName: 'uat',
            isCrossAccount: true
            environmentName: 'production',
            isCrossAccount: true,
            isApprovalNeeded: true,
            postActions: [] // do not call at the end now so we do not get ChangeAPI issues




    npm i @makemydeal/cdk-types

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