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Solana Pay

@solana/pay is a JavaScript library for facilitating commerce on Solana by using a token transfer URL scheme. The URL scheme ensures that no matter the wallet or service used, the payment request must be created and interpreted in one standard way.

Why use Solana Pay

Businesses and developers can use Solana Pay to accept payments in SOL or any SPL token without intermediaries. It offers frictionless and portable integration options like payment links, pay now buttons or QR codes on your app, dApp, website, blog, and so much more.

How it works

Web app to mobile wallet

web app to mobile wallet diagram

Payment requests can be encoded as a URL according to the scheme, scanned using a QR code, sent and confirmed by the wallet, and discovered by the app.

Web app to browser wallet

web app to browser wallet diagram

With a Solana Pay button, you could integrate an embeddable payment button that can be added to your existing app.

Mobile app to mobile wallet

mobile app to mobile wallet diagram

Payment requests could be encoded as a deep link. The app prepares a payment request, and passes control to the wallet. The wallet signs, sends, and confirms it, or cancels the request and passes control back to the app.

Getting Started

Learn how to integrate Solana Pay in your website, application or wallet.


The Solana Pay JavaScript SDK is open source and available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.




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