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    MAGDA acs-cmd Utility

    A set of tools for managing Magda user accounts. You might also want to have a look at org-tree utility.


    $ npm install --global @magda/acs-cmd


    To update the existing installation to the latest version:

    $ npm install --global @magda/acs-cmd@latest


    Run without any options will show the help information:

    $ acs-cmd
    Usage: acs-cmd [options] [command]
    A tool for managing magda access control data. Version: x.x.x
    If a database connection is required, the following environment variables will be used to create a connection:
      POSTGRES_HOST: database host; If not available in env var, 'localhost' will be used.
      POSTGRES_DB: database name; If not available in env var, 'auth' will be used.
      POSTGRES_USER: database username; If not available in env var, 'postgres' will be used.
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: database password; If not available in env var, '' will be used.
      -V, --version             output the version number
      -h, --help                output usage information
      admin                     Make an user an Admin user or remove admin role / status from a user
      list                      List records (permissions, operations etc.)
      assign                    Assign a permission to a role or a role to a user
      remove                    Remove a permission from a role or a role from a user
      create                    Create permissions, operations etc
      jwt <userId> [jwtSecret]  calculate JWT token (only for testing purpose)
      help [cmd]                display help for [cmd]

    You will need to port forward the Magda database to localhost to make sure the utility can connect to your Magda database.

    • To do so, You can run kubectl port-forward combined-db-postgresql-0 5432.
      • If you didn't install magda to the default namespace, you can use: kubectl port-forward -n [namespace] combined-db-postgresql-0 5432

    Prior to Magda v1.0.0, you should port-forward pod combined-db-0


    List all user accounts

    $ acs-cmd list users
    ║ ID                                   │ Name            │ Org Unit             │ Roles                                 ║
    ║ 00000000-0000-4000-8000-000000000000 │ admin           │                      │ 00000000-0000-0002-0000-000000000000: ║
    ║                                      │                 │                      │ Authenticated Users                   ║
    ║                                      │                 │                      │                                       ║
    ║                                      │                 │                      │ 00000000-0000-0003-0000-000000000000: ║
    ║                                      │                 │                      │ Admin Users                           ║
    ║ 02a301df-4e14-46aa-9a00-543033066a72 │ test user       │                      │ 00000000-0000-0003-0000-000000000000: ║
    ║                                      │                 │                      │ Admin Users                           ║


    npm i @magda/acs-cmd

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